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Brian Kotowski 3 years, 8 months ago on Proposed literacy act sparks debate about holding back struggling readers

So the legislature is going to throw money at it. I'm sure it's a miracle that any of our ancestors managed to conquer the orthography and survive. And God forbid that parents should take any responsibility. My own ancestors, on both sides of the family, were immigrants who had to learn English as a second language. Miraculous, I tell ya!


Brian Kotowski 3 years, 8 months ago on Patrick Germond: Dear Mr. President


The export numbers you cite are a little disingenuous. They are a function of what we refine, not the result of what we extract. We are able to use our refining capacity to churn out the finished products that countries like Brazil, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, Guatemala, Canada, France, Argentina, & Turkey can't produce on their own. Crude is the grist for that mill, and the import v. export numbers on that score are undeniable:

Total U.S. imports per month: 343,152. Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration

Total U.S. exports per month: 96,933. Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration

After flushing billions down solar-energy snowjobs, smothering offshore exploration, preaching the purchase of electric clown cars that nobody wants, 86ing the Keystone pipeline, and reducing oil lease approval to a snail's pace, the Dept of Energy is relentlessly moving closer toward a goal set by the administration at its inception: In 2008, Energy-Secretary-in-waiting Steven Chu said that what Americans pay for gasoline should be inflated "to the levels in Europe.”

France: $5.54. Germany: $5.57. UK: $5.79. Sweden: $5.80. Belgium: $5.91. Italy: $5.96. Netherlands: $6.48.

Way to go, Mr. Secretary. With just a little more effort, you and your boss's vision may soon be realized for all of us.


Brian Kotowski 3 years, 9 months ago on Opinion: Let he without sin cast the first stone

Interesting how Memnoch127 & I can cite data from the same 2002 DOJ study, and only one of us is peddling "lies." Instructive, I think, that he's the one cowering behind a veil of anonymity; that the high school girl whose essay provokes the discussion has bigger cojones than he does.


Brian Kotowski 3 years, 9 months ago on Opinion: Let he without sin cast the first stone


Your compassion and idealism are compelling. And, with all due respect, more than a little naïve. There are reasons that societies throughout history have shunned and despised those found guilty of crimes like those Dale Mathew Waite was convicted of – both before and after they have “paid their debt.”

According to a Department Of Justice study, sex offenders are four times more likely to commit another sex crime after their release than non-sex offenders.

  • An estimated 24% of those serving time for rape and 19% of those serving time for sexual assault had been on probation or parole at the time of the offense for which they were in State prison.

*The median age of the victims of imprisoned sexual assaulters was less than 13 years old; the median age of rape victims was about 22 years.

*Of released sex offenders who allegedly committed another sex crime, 40% perpetrated the new offense within a year or less from their prison discharge.

*Approximately 4,300 child molesters were released from prisons in 15 States in 1994. An estimated 3.3% of these 4,300 were rearrested for another sex crime against a child within 3 years of release from prison.

*Among child molesters released from prison in 1994, 60% had been in prison for molesting a child 13 years old or younger. (Excerpts from the DOJ study, cut & pasted from Wikipedia)

You've asserted a couple of things I couldn't agree more strongly with:

  1. That Dale Mathew Waite has "made some unforgiveable choices", and
  2. "..we [can't] become our own vigilantes.."

As to the first point, while Dale Mathew Waite has "paid his debt", I choose not to forgive him. Your characterization of his "unforgivable choices" couldn't be more appropriate. As to the second, you're quite right: we don't need vigilantes. We are obliged to be VIGILANT regarding a convicted criminal who has exhibited a decades-long pattern of reprehensible behavior. If that vigilance makes him uncomfortable or unhappy, he has only to consult a mirror for the reasons why.

I'll reserve my sympathy and compassion for his victims.


Brian Kotowski 3 years, 9 months ago on Convicted sex offender sentenced to 15 years to life in prison

Once he's in one of those DOC snakepits, I hope they let him mingle with the general population. Maintenance of GenPop may cost more than a bullet, but those boys have a way of meting out, shall we say, more commensurate justice to abusers of children. A bullet is more than this maggot deserves.


Brian Kotowski 3 years, 10 months ago on Patrick Germond: If tomorrow doesn’t come

The nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle practiced by those like the Native Americans requires one square mile per inhabitant. The entire land surface of the earth would be unable to sustain the population of California, living as the Native Americans did.


Brian Kotowski 3 years, 10 months ago on Craig car theft suspect sentenced in district court

"...Colvin’s criminal record includes three prior arrests for driving under the influence."

Three DUIs? Ye gods.


Before criticizing someone else’s grammar, you might consider elevating your spelling above the 3rd-grade level. There’s no such word as “grammer.”