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Brian Kotowski 1 week ago on Lance Scranton: Defining indefensible

You're wrong, but at least your consistent. How exactly are any of of these students (Scranton's & Roberts') being abused?


Brian Kotowski 1 week ago on Lance Scranton: Defining indefensible

Hi Evan

A schoolteacher, weighing in just down the road in the Craig Daily Press' sister publication in Steamboat: Cassady Roberts: Hillary Clinton is leader we can look up to

Do you indict Ms. Roberts for being "super inappropriate for [her] to publish political editorials as a teacher..."?


Brian Kotowski 1 week, 6 days ago on Lance Scranton: Defining indefensible


You write: "Just because you (and a majority of Craig residents) agree with Lance..."

Not quite. You can send the straw man home, now.

Your teachers v. preachers example is apples & oranges; teacher v. doctor-patient is apples & carburetors, and more than a little silly. So let's go with teacher-preacher. Yes, I am irritated when the clergy preaches politics from the pulpit; and even more so when educators use the classroom to proselytize politics. Scranton has done none of the above, and I challenge you to produce a single student who has been "abused" by any op-ed, ever, in the Craig Daily Press.

Thanks for the heads-up on the contractual injunction - I was ignorant of any such provision. The district's reluctance to enforce it sounds like common sense to me. If Scranton distributes Trump pamphlets in the classroom, I'm sure the district will (rightly) bust his chops. If he's sanctioned for this (or any other non-school related) editorial I think he'd have a compelling legal case to make in court.


Brian Kotowski 2 weeks ago on Lance Scranton: Defining indefensible

Evan Gaffney: I can't recall the last time I've read anything so asinine. Except, perhaps, about once a week when the media regales us with the trials & tribulations of those poor little snowflakes cowering on college campuses, seeking refuge from the real world in their safe spaces.

The underlying premise of your petulant whine is even more ludicrous, by an order of magnitude. Taking to the public square to sound off on the issues of the day is categorically not an "abuse of power" - regardless of what Scranton does for a living. Despite the pathetic lip service you've paid to the 1st Amendment, the reality couldn't be any more stark: your assertion that Scranton should consider the exercise of any Constitutional guarantee to be an "abuse of power" makes you a prevaricator at best, and an authoritarian at worst. If a prevaricator, then you're a hypocrite. If an authoritarian, then you're a liar.


Brian Kotowski 5 months, 2 weeks ago on Mike Littwin: Will Trump’s ‘hatred’ become America’s new norm?

Trump is a standard-issue smoke filled room wheeler dealer; a crony capitalist on steroids; an establishment big government whore who's been in bed with the worst of the parasites for decades. He's given money to Hillary, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Rangel, Weiner (I'm betting he compared Johnsons with ol' Carlos), McCain, McConnell, Emmanuel, the Democrat Congressional & Senatorial Campaign Committees... He's reversed himself - not on just a couple of isolated issues - but on every major position. From taxes to abortion to guns to Obamacare to immigration. He's the ultimate wet finger in the wind political hack whose only criterion for saying anything is whether or not it'll attract the media and fuel his narcissism. I'm mystified that anyone believes a syllable that comes out of his mouth.

And then there's the whiny bitch routine he defaults to whenever he's questioned or challenged. Anyone who presumes is fat, stupid, a loser, ugly, bleeding from her whatever... he's an adolescent bully. A malignant punk who belongs in the back seat of Ted Kennedy's Buick. So let's give him the nuclear launch codes!

I'll be voting Libertarian this year.