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AdamInTheBoat Kids Vacation Center & Child Care Programs

While this reviewer's experience was certainly unfortunate, and the charged emotions that stem from being sick on vacation are understandable, it does not merit a 1-star review of the Child Care Programs.
Following his/her recommendation to "google", we find out that Noroviruses are the most common cause of viral gastroenteritis in humans worldwide, and affect people of all ages. 267 Million people are affected every year. That's a sizable proportion the earth's population.
The norovirus is not specific to a facility, nor does contraction necessarily implicate the facility's sanitation standards or practices. The childcare providers at the KVC are caring and compassionate, and always emphasize the safety of the children. The KVC has always taken wonderful care of my son and daughter, and I encourage you to develop a balanced opinion for yourself!

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