AJMercier 4 years, 10 months ago on Letter: College student searching for employment

Mr. Buff_bronc_fan,

I know that I am not owed a job and anything but working and putting in the effort should count for something. Society and America as we stand are falling into a deep well that is going no where. I know what the real world is but I am running out of options here and if this doesn't do anything than what is the value of a hard working American that I am and trying to find a job here in Craig, which is close to impossible and if you think that is hard than why do we depend on coal here in Moffat county so much. I think that only if Craig have some other way to have a better economy than why are we still stuck in this poor economy in town. Also, what does it take to get a job in a town that the population is under ten thousand people. I think also that this town needs to do something or there is nothing to do but wait some miracle to come to town. I don't see anything going to happen sooner or later. Also, isn't this putting out the effort to find a job in this town or do I have to do something different because I already filled out more applications than I thought so far. Also, thank you Buff_bronc_fan for telling me what I knew already. The world is a cruel world and unfair but I think trying to make a difference is a huge plus that is needed in Craig and everywhere else.