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Noelle Leavitt Riley is the editor of the Craig Daily Press and the Saturday Morning Press. Her growth in media stems from learning how to handle certain situations under pressure as an editor, reporter, broadcaster and volunteer. She was a pioneer of multimedia in Colorado, helping The Denver Post create, launch and maintain daily podcast from 2005 through 2006. After her venture at the Post, Leavitt Riley became the news editor of four community newspapers west of Denver operated by Landmark Community Newspapers. In 2007, she took a reporting position at the Denver Business Journal, covering hospitality, tourism, retail and aviation.

She left the journal in December 2008, to freelance and run the Forget Me Not foundation — an organization that delivers flowers to seniors in nursing homes, letting them know they are not forgotten by society. She started at the Craig Daily Press in May of 2013 and looks forward to continuing her growth in journalism through this position.

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Forget Me Not: An open call to visit elderly loved ones

Sunset Meadows I and II wrote an important letter to the editor that appeared in Friday’s Craig Daily Press.

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Moffat County United Way brings laughs, fun to Thursday event

Moffat County and the city of Craig participated in healthy competition at a United Way barbecue Thursday, where city and county employees teamed up against each other to race tricycles to the finish line. It was the first big event leading up to Moffat County United Way’s 2015 campaign to raise funds for local nonprofits, which officially starts Sept. 14.

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Craig's Elks Lodge hosts community barbecue

Craig's Elks Lodge held a summer community barbecue at the Moffat County Fairgrounds picnic area Saturday in an effort to raise awareness about the local organization.

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Forget Me Not: Making Craig's elders feel special with Nifty 90s party

Sometimes, happiness not only makes your face smile but it also makes your heart smile. That's what happened to me on Wednesday when I attended the Nifty 90s party at Sunset Meadows, where eight seniors 90 and over were honored with a luau birthday party.

Sunset Meadows plans Nifty 90s party for elders

Sunset Meadows throws a special party each year for residents aged 90 and over. The big soirée brings family, friends and other residents together at Sunset Meadows each year, with ultimate goal of making senior citizens feel special.

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Grass fire threatens homes east of Craig

A grass fire was ignited northeast of U.S. Highway 40 and old East Victory Way in Craig late Tuesday morning, directly across the highway from the Wyman Living History Museum.

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Rodeo ropes Moffat County's heart

Catch-a-Pig contest adds squeals to rodeo at Moffat County Fair

The inaugural Ridin' & Riggin' Days kicked off as the main attraction, and many of Craig’s favorite Moffat County High School students and graduates took to the arena, riding horses, wrestling steers and barrel racing in front of a packed crowd.

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Craig officials respond to Friday's meeting with Sally Jewell

Moffat, Rio Blanco and Routt county officials are fighting hard for the Northwest Colorado communities in light of the Colowyo situation.

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Adventures of two men on the Yampa River in 1941

Nearly 74 years ago, two Moffat County residents set off on a seven-day fishing and floating adventure down the Yampa River on a boat made of canvas.

Catch-a-Pig contest offers muddy fun for Moffat County youth

Running around Moffat County Fairgrounds, chasing greased pigs and falling in the mud is sure to offer a great time for Craig kids looking to participate in this year's Catch-A-Pig contest at the fair.

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Moffat County Commissioner Chuck Grobe speeds through an obstacle course on a tricycle Thursday with Craig Parks & Recreation Director Dave Pike following behind.

Moffat County Sheriff KC Hume races a tricycle through an obstacle course Thursday afternoon at Moffat County Fairgrounds. The county and city of Craig hosted a barbecue to show their support as pacesetters for Moffat County United Way. The county and city competed against each other in a tricycle race. Unfortunately for Hume, the city won. "It's about United Way," Hume said.

Frank Sadvar, left, stands with fellow Elk members Mark Gurman and Kurt Biesemeyer at a community barbecue Saturday.

Eight seniors 90 and over were honored at a Nifty 90s birthday party Wednesday at Sunset Meadows. Among the guests of honor at the annual celebration were Toni Ayres, Ena Peed, Faye Paulson, Mary Preece, Iris Kuskie, Ray Wagner, Ruth White and Dorothy Murray.

Toni Ayres, Ena Peed, Faye Paulson, Mary Preece, Iris Kuskie, Ray Wagner, Ruth White and Dorothy Murray are pictured in luau garb during the Nifty 90s birthday party at Sunset Meadows.

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