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Lance Scranton: Craig’s ‘donut hole’ — think big

Economic development is a huge issue in and around Moffat County these days and there are definitely some ideas that could be considered for making Craig a possible hub for some exciting adventures year-round. A good friend of mine always liked to describe Craig as the donut hole and went on to explain that surrounding our peaceful Hamlet are any number of recreational and tourist opportunities.

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Lance Scranton: Where is my liberty?

I was once your greatest asset and you used me to your benefit. But now you demonize me. Is it because of where I am from? Are your white bladed towers and flat-paneled monstrosities that destroy the natural landscape more attractive and beneficial than I? Together, we were looked upon all over the world with envy; but now you vilify me and have unfairly characterized me as dangerous. Today, I help many countries build economic wealth and freedom but you have determined that I am dirty and disgusting.

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Lance Scranton: ‘You’ are not forgotten

We really miss *you! You were such a fierce competitor and we had such high hopes for you as a football player, track runner and student. We knew you had some issues, all of us do, but you worked hard to overcome them. We tried our best to support you but still keep you accountable and challenge you to become something we all saw in you.

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Lance Scranton: A fiery political season

It’s interesting to a look at what has transpired in our country, and county, over the past eight or nine months. The conversational tone is vastly different than when we were meeting in June to support the coal industry and fight for the jobs that Moffat County depends on for its economic well-being. We even have a presidential contender who is promising to shut down coal mines and reduce the coal footprint on our entire planet.

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Lance Scranton: How students perceive success

Our High School Seniors have been progressing through a unit on the Greek philosophers; namely Seneca, Socrates and Epicurus. Most would be able to tell you that Seneca believed that anger was destructive, Socrates would use a method for determining the validity of an idea and Epicurus thought that what people enjoyed, as opposed to what they had, determined their happiness.

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Lance Scranton: Girls basketball allows us to walk taller, be proud

When high school teams are successful, it’s easy to think that the road to winning games and making playoffs is paved with lots of talent and some breaks along the way. Well, it does take plenty of talent and a few breaks along the way, but the road is generally paved by a whole bunch of hard work, chemistry and some guidance so the rough spots are avoided.

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Lance Scranton: Stakeholder meetings bring many questions to forefront

Reading the report out of the latest stakeholder forum on our school district budget one might reasonably have a few questions. Of all the conversation that took place by people who genuinely say they are concerned about public education was a passing quote to consider class size increases as one solution to our monetary problems?

Lance Scranton: Teachers make a difference despite budget shortfalls

Seems like we’re all concerned about how money is being spent these days especially when money is tighter than usual and the economic forecast is hazy. Schools are especially affected by shortfalls in funding and are always balancing various initiatives with the main focus of public education. Viewpoints will differ, depending on where you are standing but as a teacher, I stand in front of kids everyday.

Lance Scranton: Battle fatigue this election cycle

Battle fatigue is a well-documented issue that has become an obsolete term in recent years. Modern descriptions rely more on identifiers such as neurosis or stress to more accurately assess the reaction to something that has the effect of slowed response time, increased indecision, or other symptoms. Fortunately, most of us will never have to experience the effects of a battle because of our military and the soldiers who volunteer to protect our country.

Lance Scranton: It’s about the team

I will readily admit that I soak up as much of the Super Bowl post game interviews as I can because no other sport exemplifies the complete dependence on the “team” principle than football. I hear the word “team” trotted out so often by people who have no idea what playing on a team, with a team, for a team really means. It was easy to see who was a team player after the surprising and gratifying Bronco victory over the heavily-favored Carolina Panthers.

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