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Lance Scranton: It’s about the team

I will readily admit that I soak up as much of the Super Bowl post game interviews as I can because no other sport exemplifies the complete dependence on the “team” principle than football. I hear the word “team” trotted out so often by people who have no idea what playing on a team, with a team, for a team really means. It was easy to see who was a team player after the surprising and gratifying Bronco victory over the heavily-favored Carolina Panthers.

Lance Scranton: Say, 'Yes we can!'

The “urge to purge” will be tested as the election season begins in earnest this month. Many of the electorate are fed up with the status quo and ready for a breath of fresh air, or at least some common sense. Locally, our elected officials are doing just about everything they can to prop up our economy and our spirits.

Lance Scranton: School board decisions and our future

Last Wednesday evening, a special meeting of the newly-elected school board was convened to present the findings of a review of the superintendent’s performance. It was apparent, based on scores, that the board has issues with leadership and this week will make determinations, which will affect the future of our district after first hearing public comment Thursday evening.

Lance Scranton: Just or unjust laws as defined by MLK

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is observed all over the United States in tribute to an idea that likely needs to be revisited often. Reverend King’s treatise corresponded with the Founding Fathers ideals of character and virtue being more important than skin color.

Lance Scranton: Trust the numbers?

We’re an untidy bunch, but along with the messiness comes a whole bunch of human complexity. Data proves this election cycle has been thrown out the window and the “experts” are scrambling to determine why Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are so popular with primary voters. To the great majority of us, the answer is simple: for too long, too many politicians have taken advantage of the American voter.

Lance Scranton: Why are people so angry?

It didn’t take long for the New Year “mad bomb” to go off! The news is full of people and groups who are mad and we all know that anger has no respect for New Year’s resolutions. A group in Oregon is proposing that the federal government needs to change its thinking on matters with regard to how ranchers manage the land they use. Groups concerned with police shootings and how colleges teach are also mad and have taken to the streets (and social media) to make their case.

Lance Scranton: Being grateful for various gifts

This year Christmas and the New Year worked really well on Friday but next year could be a difficult. Not that I am looking forward to next Christmas, but each will fall on a Sunday! That’s going to be really weird unless our employers do some creative calendaring between now and next year. Imagine going back to work the day after Christmas or starting school the Monday after New Year’s Day! It would be really weird and mostly depressing.

Lance Scranton: Christmas wish list

Santa is checking his list, the reindeer are ready and soon, we’ll be celebrating gifts, holiday cheer and a few days off. Santa has quite a few “helpers” this time of year and as one of his many confidants; I made sure the bearded wonder wouldn’t forget some really important presents this Christmas Eve as he makes his appointed rounds.

Lance Scranton: A poem for Max

If you watch television at all this time of season, you can’t avoid the old classic, “How The Grinch Stole Christmas.” Dr. Seuss was a storyteller whose ability to spin a yarn and a rhyme were unparalleled. I’ve seen the old cartoon many times but it wasn’t until this weekend that I found myself asking questions about Max. Yes, Max, the Grinch’s loyal sidekick (sometimes literally) who finds himself part of all of the diabolical plans in store for the town of Whoville.

Lance Scranton: Trigger warning!

Stop reading now if your humerus bone has been neutralized by political correctness and any discussion of platform (Mac or PC), politics or religion makes you desire a “safe space” (currently available on college campuses only, but coming soon to every arena of expression).

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