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Lance Scranton: You must lose to win

A coach can have a lasting impact on a player in ways that even the coach might not even imagine. I remember Coach Kushner always telling me, “Lance, you know who your biggest enemy is — it’s not the guy across from you — it’s the guy inside your head!” As I embarked on my own coaching career, his words become more meaningful with each passing season.

Dude Dent awards students

Building on the traditions and implementing improvements to recognize student success and scholarship has been a big part of Moffat County High School’s drive for excellence. One of the most storied and recognizable honors is the Lewis “Dude” Dent Award.

Lance Scranton: Legalize it!

It’s easy to sway an argument with the infusion of some potential monetary gain. It’s even easier to justify and rationalize an act by comparing it to another and saying they are similar. The whole notion of legalizing marijuana has been built upon the legalization of alcohol. Both are drugs, I’m told. Both are mind-altering, I’m told. One is now regulated because it is legalized — so why not the other, I’m told.

Lance Scranton: Pouring hearts, minds into teaching

The younger generation is falling behind! Standardized test (ACT, SAT) scores have dropped and we are in crisis mode, scurrying about enacting legislation to get the kids up to the standards of the world they will have to compete with in this 21st century!

Lance Scranton: Words of wisdom for kids

A colleague sent me an article to read a couple of weeks ago, and six of the writer’s words shocked me at first, and I thought, “Yes, this is important, but so are a bunch of other things.” I really pondered the article and the words that it spoke about how our children perceive their performances. I mean, we obviously love sports and all those extracurricular activities, or we wouldn’t talk about them all the time and get our kids joined up as soon as they are old enough.

Lance Scranton: Spring opens dreams of possibilities

It’s a classic story and one that warms my heart each time I hear it, or read it in a book. A life separated by the deep chasm of loneliness and despair. A life that is lost because of the painful reality of not knowing who is genuine and who is not. It begins simply enough with hopes and dreams and a willingness to believe that almost anything is possible — but it isn’t.

Lance Scranton: Give your kids a break!

What makes sports and activities so meaningful is how they allow kids to express their unique, individual talents, to contribute to a team and to have fun. But sometimes it isn’t so fun for parents, and I think I know why.

Lance Scranton: Have a heart, give a little

I donate blood every year because for all practical reasons — it’s easy and I get to eat some free food when I’m all done. What is interesting though, is how differently people react to giving.

Lance Scranton: Static in our lives

I’m old enough to remember how much care I had to take with my music because if I scratched the record, or the tape got caught up in the play-head, or the needle got damaged, or I left a cassette in the sun too long, the music was ruined. But, like today, I could still listen to the radio.

Lance Scranton: Practicing 'grit'

GRIT is the willingness to stick to a plan (stay in school, stay on the team), practice delayed gratification (practice skills now for winning later), make decisions in the present that will help in the future (listen the people who are trying to help you), and see present problems as challenges to be overcome (losing and low grades don’t automatically mean you are a loser or stupid and vice versa).

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