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David Pressgrove grew up in Baldwin City, Kansas. He came to Craig in 2002 after graduating from Hillsdale College (Hillsdale, Michigan) with a B.A. in business marketing and a minor in journalism. He worked as the Craig Daily Press sports editor from 2002 to Aug. 2006. In August he became the full-time area director for Moffat County Young Life. He spends his free time running, watching movies with his wife, Jennifer, and hanging out with Young Lifers. In his spare time he assists the Craig Daily Press in reporting the news that matters to you.

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Faith Column: Downward trend might help us look upward

In Disney’s movie “Wall-E,” there is an interesting depiction of what the writers imagine humans will be like 700 years from now. They are extremely obese and rely on individual hovercrafts to provide all they need — food, mobility, entertainment, etc. At one point, there is an X-ray of one of the humans, and it shows his skeleton has nearly disappeared because of a lack of use. Sometimes I wonder if American Christians are going the way of the humans in that movie. But not all is lost. A survey I recently read might shake up what Christianity will look like in America down the road.

Hiking after the one thing

One of my favorite achievements of my youth was earning my Eagle Scout badge. I loved almost every minute of scouts, from my first Pinewood Derby as a Tiger Cub, to my Eagle Scout ceremony in high school. In addition, my grandparents started the troop in my town and my uncle and dad were leaders, so it was a family adventure. When I look back at it, scouts gave me a passion for the outdoors, which is a big part of why I moved to Colorado after college.

Your stories about Christ are worth telling

What’s your story? If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior, odds are, at some point, you have had to give a testimony — give your life story — in front of somebody.

David Pressgrove: Baccalaureate an opportunity worth taking advantage of

I still have fond memories of my high school baccalaureate.

David Pressgrove: Serving, not working, can cure our case of the 'Mondays'

“Looks like somebody has a case of the Mondays.” – The annoying, nameless, secretary in the movie “Office Space.” The above quote changed my path in life. “Office Space” is about three men who work for a computer software company and they hate their jobs so much they decide to rip off the company they work for.

David Pressgrove: Have you thanked your shepherds this month?

This week I received a well-timed message on Facebook. It had been a long day of meetings and I wasn’t overly excited about the challenges ahead of me the next day. The message was from a former Young Lifer and he thanked me for walking alongside him and how much he appreciated it now that he was at a different stage in life. I write this not to brag about how great I am, but because it sufficiently lead me into some thoughts on how October is pastor appreciation month. Webster defines a pastor as “a person authorized to conduct religious ownership.” The definition fits our modern idea of the word, but biblically, “pastor” has more to do with compassion than authority.

David Pressgrove: Truth filter: Learning to make honesty our policy

In the movie “Liar, Liar” the main character finds success by lying. His lying is so bad that when his son is asked what his dad does for a living, he says, “My dad’s a liar.” (He’s actually a lawyer – say both out loud to hear the play on words). A wish from his son requires the character to only tell the truth. Initially, his struggle to tell the truth is portrayed as nearly impossible. Obviously the movie is an exaggeration, but sometimes I think we convince ourselves it is easier to be dishonest.

My confession (and hopeful repentance) of privilege

In the fall, I went back to my college alma mater for the first time in eight years. When I returned I was surprised about how God spoke to me during that trip, and it’s an important lesson I’d like share. The reason I returned to my school was my cross country and track coach, the coach there for 27 years, officially “retired” in the fall. But, unofficially and off-the-record, he was asked to step down. I was extremely upset and disappointed in how the situation was handled by the administration.

David Pressgrove: Taking on choices

In the 2005 remake of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” the climax of the movie takes place when Willy Wonka offers his factory to Charlie on one condition: Charlie leave his family in order to live in the factory. Willy is taken aback when Charlie chooses his family over the factory. Willy had just offered Charlie a child’s dream — to be in charge of a magical factory with the Oompa Loompas as friends for life.

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MCHS seniors inspired by tourney

It might take a couple of days, but Charlie Griffiths and Cody Nelson will be happy they took home medals from the Warrior Classic. On Saturday night, they weren’t too excited because they wanted medals of a different color. Both Moffat County seniors went into the prestigious tournament with the goal to win. Instead, Nelson finished sixth and Griffiths finished fourth. Both wrestlers lost their medal round matches by one point in the final seconds.

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Moffat County High School senior Alfredo Lebron takes the baton from senior Miguel Molina in the 4-by-800-meter relay Thursday at the 4A state track and field championships. Besides being part of the winning relay team, Lebron won the 800-meter run Friday morning with a time of one minute, 55.01 seconds. Lebron, Molina, senior Johnny Landa and junior Erik Silva-Tarango also competed in the 4-by-400-meter relay Friday, placing 13th.

Members of the Moffat County High School 4-by-800-meter relay team, clockwise from lower left, Alfredo LeBron, Johnny Landa, Miguel Molina and Rene Molina take the top spot on the medal podium Thursday after winning the 4A state title at Jefferson County Stadium in Lakewood. The team ran the race in 7 minutes and 53 seconds, six seconds faster than the rest of the field and three seconds faster than the school record-breaking performance from a week ago at regionals in Grand Junction.

Moffat County High School senior Dale Nakai crosses the finish line first in the 3,200-meter run at the Western Slope League Meet in Grand Junction. Nakai and several other MCHS track and field team members qualified for state at the meet, including the boys 4-by-800-meter relay team, which set a new school record.

Moffat County High School junior Eryn Leonard paces herself in the 3200-meter run at the Tiger Invitational Saturday in Grand Junction. Leonard placed second in the event, as well as 10th in the 1600-meter run. The MCHS girls placed 14th overall in the weekend meet.

Moffat County High School senior Andy Browning pulls ahead during the 100-meter dash at the Tiger Invitational Saturday in Grand Junction. Browning placed fifth in the event and second in the 200-meter, as well. The MCHS boys placed sixth overall.

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