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Fager's small-town roots don't slow her big dreams

Tami Fager is the only female manager in her company, a published author, an entrepreneur, and will soon earn a master's degree.

Dreading the dentist

Waiting 'til it hurts fuels a vicious cycle

"I'm not afraid of the dentist," Craig resident Sharon Mathers said. "I'm petrified."

Outreach inspires women's conference

Almost every church in Craig is represented at meeting

Women in Craig have an opportunity for inspiration and encouragement thanks to three dedicated local women.

Craig man driven by cars

Craig resident Mark Coyle was lucky enough to find a successful job doing something he loved.

Proud to call America home

Quezada a U.S. citizen after 30 attempts to enter country

Isidro Quezada left Mexico 29 years ago as a 14-year-old boy.

Fans flock to fair

The first day of the Moffat County fair got off to a start Friday with an impressive turnout at the Fashion Revue and skillful equestrian displays at the Open Horse Show -- English division.

Tippers a dying breed

Low wages mean generosity crucial to servers

In previous generations, everything deserved a tip. From making a hotel bed to pumping gas, a few coins were always slipped to a helping hand.

Couple completes horse-riding contest

At 5:15 a.m. last Saturday, Ken and Betty Wolgram of Craig set out on horseback to conquer 100 miles of trails over the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Playtime for mommies

Local parents share their experiences raising preschoolers

No matter how much mommies love their children, every once in while they need some time with people their own age. Who better to share that time with than other women who understand the challenges of motherhood?

Wildlife commission extends elk deadline

DOW cautious about limit on hunting

The Division of Wildlife Commissioners' decision to extend research and public input on limiting bull elk hunting in Colorado came after a heated debate at a workshop at the Holiday Inn of Craig on Thursday.

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