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Christina M. Currie: Life's a pain

You don't waste a trip out of town by not doing any shopping - especially if you're a woman who believes your life isn't complete without a closet full of shoes.

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Christina Currie: NFL blues

To some, it's a shift in the air that blows dryly through the trees, smelling of melancholy.

Christina M. Currie: New additions already a hassle

We got the dog so that we wouldn't have to get cats. Seven-year-old Nikki voted for a dog. Nine-year-old Katie voted for a cat. I put off voting with the hope that the issue would die.

Christina M. Currie: Life's hard lessons

Katie hates her life. She spent several days last week ranting about life's unfairness and asking "Why me?"

Christina M. Currie: Who slumbers at slumber parties?

We kept our promise to Katie, by the skin of our teeth and not without a lot of stress, a lack of sleep and a few sore, aching bodies. But against all odds, we were moved into our new house in time for her ninth birthday. Well, sort of.

Christina M. Currie: A painful time in the ER

"This will hurt me more than it will hurt you." Yeah. Anyone who's ever been on the receiving side of any form of punishment knows there's no way that statement can be true.

Christina M. Currie: Parent's IQ test

Should you even have children?

My kids are fairly well-behaved. They're intelligent, clean, don't suffer from malnutrition and make it to school on time 93 percent of the time. Yet, according to an online quiz that popped up that I couldn't resist taking, I should not be a parent.

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Christina M. Currie: Priorities

I don't find it difficult to find something (or 1,000 somethings) to occupy my time on a construction site, but my children do.

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Christina M. Currie: Car talk

We currently have two houses, and my children, Lord help them, live in the car.

Christina M. Currie: Playing it by ear

Let me tell you about last week. At least the pieces I remember, because most of it was a blur.

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