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Bryce Jacobson: All apologies

Coal cartoon not an opinion shared by Daily Press

Some Daily Press readers have let us know they think an editorial cartoon in Monday's newspaper was offensive.

Bryce Jacobson: Keep public records public

The state of Colorado Senate and House approved Senate Bill 45 in April of this year, and it takes effect today.

Tease photo

Came in a van; left in an ambulance

Friends and co-workers often joke that by attending Hayden Speedway races, my family and I are rednecks.

Everything I needed to know about parenting I learned in kindergarten

I recently began to notice that my children are smarter than I am.

Bryce Jacobson: Support our troops

As I sit back and think about this past Monday's four-year anniversary of the war in Iraq, I marvel at the dedication, selflessness and love that our soldiers who are fighting this war must have for our great country.

Bryce Jacobson: Ready for the boom? Get involved

Whenever I start talking about Craig being in the cusp of an economic boom, half of my staff looks at me like I have lost my mind, which is a look I often receive here at the paper.

CEO: Hospital below budget, going in right direction

The Memorial Hospital finished its fifth consecutive month, September, with a net gain from operations, George Rohrich told the TMH board on Wednesday night.

Bryce Jacobson: Losing and loving

A couple of weeks ago, as I was fast asleep in the middle of the night, I received a phone call from my mom.

Publisher's notebook: Reaching all readers

The Craig Daily Press publishes about 600 pages of news each month. In any given month, there are no more than six pages written only in Spanish, which are stories that have previously run in our paper in English.