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Bryce Jacobson: Changes under way at Holistic Health

Holistic Health & Fitness is bringing you the services of Neil O’Keeffe, a licensed acupuncturist who is available Wednesdays.

Bryce Jacobson: Groups improve downtown visitor kiosk

The Moffat County Tourism Association and Downtown Business Association have made improvements to the visitor kiosk located in Alice Pleasant Park in downtown Craig.

Bryce Jacobson: 4 years and counting

Nov. 15 will mark four years of business for Honey Rock Dogs in Craig. Shannan and Ed Koucherik own and operate the dog-boarding business at 1202 Rose St.

Bryce Jacobson: New owners take over historic business

Charlotte and Glen Gariner have purchased the Golden Cavvy Restaurant and Lounge located in downtown Craig at 538 Yampa Avenue. The restaurant is one of the most recognizable businesses downtown, and employs about 25 people during the hunting season and around 22 the rest of the year.

Bryce Jacobson: In support of my paper's coverage

Much has been said in the past couple of days regarding the manner in which the Craig Daily Press handled the reporting of Kathie Johnson's death earlier this week. Some who have been critical of the coverage think the paper should apologize for the way the story was handled.

Bryce Jacobson: Spa Country in new location at mall

Spa Country has relocated to a new store inside Centennial Mall.

Bryce Jacobson: Happy anniversary, Jamey!

I know this is a business column, but I want to share some personal business with you today.

Bryce Jacobson: Businesses unveil bold new paint jobs

As you drive west on Victory Way, you may notice on your left as you cross Taylor Street a brightly painted Flower Mine.

Bryce Jacobson: Paying rightful respect

I'd like to use this week's column to divert from the regular business-related topics and discuss an issue equally as important as the positive happenings of our local marketplace.

Bryce Jacobson: Craig Association of Realtors hands out awards

The Craig Association of Realtors recently bestowed annual awards to member realtors.

Business beat: New salon open for business in mall

Haircuts, coloring, perms, nail enhancements and facial waxing are the services currently offered at Tumbleweeds and Lace in the Centennial Mall.

Business beat: Improvements power new image at Interstate Batteries

As you are driving west on Victory Way, you may have noticed a new coat of paint on the building located at 1705 W. Victory Way.

Business beat: Tyser, Mozart back home in Kester's Jewelry

Mozart the cat finally has completed Kester's Jewelry in downtown Craig. I don't want to give away too much information because you have to see the new look in person.

Business beat: Paint contractor breaks out on his own

Ryan Coffey has spent years in the painting business, and now he is out on his own. He has opened Coffey's Custom Painting.

Business beat: My message remains: Shop local, shop local

The July 13 issue of Newsweek has a story regarding the clause in the stimulus package, which requires using American made iron and steel in stimulus projects and the impacts that has had on foreign relations.

Business beat: Changing names and faces

Craig Liquors, at 391 Lincoln St., is now under new ownership and has a new name, Lariat Liquors. Mike and Soni Vice purchased the store in early June and have made a few changes.

Business Beat: Trading Post business launches new products

Mom and Pop's Coffee, 1740 E. U.S. Highway 40, is a great hometown coffee and pastry shop.

Business beat: Upgrades at Elk Run Inn

As you drive west on Victory Way, after passing City Market, take a gander to the north, and you will notice an improved look to the locally owned Elk Run Inn.

Business beat: Anson settling into new office building

Anson Excavating & Pipe, Inc. has installed a new office building at 789 Stock Dr.

Business beat: Canoes needed to play softball

I think it would be an excellent idea if someone would open up a canoe rental business at Loudy-Simpson Park. Yes, maybe you could do this in the pond, but more appropriately in the walkways between the ball fields.

Bryce Jacobson: Family finds success in cheese biz

The Petre family moved to Craig in 2003 and decided in 2005, after reading about milking sheep, to begin a sheep's milk operation.

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Business beat: Mountain States adds to personnel and fleet

Change is in the air at The Mountain States Company in Craig. Nancy Bohrer started working at the business March 10 as the new office manager.

Business beat: Help promote change in Moffat County

I am impressed at the engagement of the citizenry of Craig and Moffat County throughout this past week. Citizens who were concerned about government and/or the actions taken by government.

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Business beat: Morning routines include a mocha or latte?

McDonald's has expanded its menu. The restaurant has added a McCafe, which offers a wide range of coffee drinks that include mocha, cappuccino and lattes.

Business beat: A dose of my own medicine

Throughout the past three-plus years that I have been publisher of this newspaper, I have published several editorials urging the citizens of Craig to assist in beautifying our town.

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Business beat: Local biz adds to fleet, keeps trucking along

Peroulis Brothers, 1600 E. U.S. Highway 40, has added several new trucks to its fleet.

Business beat: Business marketing seminar Thursday

At 8 a.m. Thursday at the Holiday Inn of Craig, Mark Rood, of Top of Mind Awareness, will be providing a seminar sponsored by the Craig Daily Press.

Business beat: Moffat County donors come up big

This past week, Moffat County United Way officials announced that their fundraising yielded them more than $500,000 in their most recent campaign.

Business beat: Shop Craig and Moffat County

Precision Auto Service, 1294 W. Fourth St., is another business in Craig that recently has made improvements to its building. In the sprint of 2007, the business doubled the size and improved the landscaping on the property as well as the parking.

Business beat: Sign shop has new ownership

The list of improvements continues. I am simply amazed at the number of businesses that have made Craig look a little better.

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Bryce Jacobson: Boy-Ko GM celebrates 25 years

As I drive around Craig, I am amazed when I realize the numerous businesses that I forgot to mention have made improvements to buildings to better serve customers in recent years.

Business beat: List of businesses with improved looks grows

As promised, the list below is of businesses that have made improvements in the past couple of years that I failed to include in last week's column.

Business beat: Lingerie shop opens today

As far as business goes, things always are happening here locally, and on the national level, something very important is happening in the coming days.

Bryce Jacobson: Fire department launches new Web site

Please join me in welcoming a new editor to the Craig Daily Press. Joshua Roberts was promoted to editor of the Craig Daily Press after serving as assistant editor since April 2006.

Business beat: Events worthy of support

The business community of Craig is comprised of for-profit businesses and businesses (or organizations) that operate not for a profit. Today, I am going to talk to you about three upcoming fundraisers for nonprofit organizations that I feel do great things for this community.

Business beat: Bail bonds, salon and eatery highlight new business offerings

Happy New Year. We have now reached a new year, and I'm hopeful that the financial woes many have experienced will move on and away.

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Bryce Jacobson: Christmas: a truly special time of year

Rather than giving you information about exciting business news happening in our community, I am going to write about my Christmas story. When I was a little kid, Christmas was truly a good time of the year. My family struggled financially for most of my years growing up, but Christmas always was a time of great gifts, joy and love.

Business beat: Corral West closing in Craig

Corral West Ranch Wear has displayed signs that they are closing their store in Craig, located at Centennial Mall.

Bryce Jacobson: Setting the record straight

What a month! Since our Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2008, issue of the Craig Daily Press hit the streets, we have been bombarded with phone calls regarding our decisions on placement of our news coverage on the presidential election.

Business beat: Happy Thanksgiving

I will not be writing this column next week, but I will return the week after that.

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Bryce Jacobson: Open minds a good development

Your local government officials have continued their commitment to assisting new "primary jobs" being created in Craig. On Tuesday, the Craig City Council stood by its earlier change of heart.

Bryce Jacobson: New buildings popping up in Craig

As you drive down Victory Way from the east, you will see a couple of new buildings.

Bryce Jacobson: Have you voted yet?

Tomorrow is Election Day. I simply am stunned by the number of people who already have voted, and I am hopeful that Election Day brings a continuation of the voter turnout we already have experienced.

Bryce Jacobson: Welcome back the hunters, Craig

The sea of Orange and Camouflage has arrived in Craig.

Bryce Jacobson: County right to advocate local shopping

Good government strikes again. But this time, it was the Moffat County Commissioners looking after local businesses in Moffat County.

Business beat: New Monday business columnist starts today

Good morning! Starting today, each Monday in this space, the Daily Press will print a business column written by me, Bryce Jacobson, publisher of the Craig Daily Press.

Bryce Jacobson: Answer 2 questions before Junior Livestock Sale

Question 1: How much are you willing to pay for a good employee?

For pride and money

On June 8, adults - young and old - spent the day at Moffat County Fairgrounds.

Bryce Jacobson: A son's intuition?

Most everyone has heard of a mother's intuition - the maternal ability to know the welfare of her child regardless of date or distance.

Bryce Jacobson: Our prayers with miners

For those of you who did not have the opportunity to read this week's newspapers, we - Daily Press publisher Bryce Jacobson and editor Jerry Raehal - have decided to describe an editorial cartoon published in the Monday paper that sparked concern among many readers.