What do you think the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Colorado Parks and Wildlife should do to keep non-native fish from seeping into the Yampa River?

a) Put a screen on the spillway. 56 votes


b) Drain the reservoir and administer the chemical rotenone to kill all the non-native fish. 33 votes


c) Leave everything alone and find another way to boost the population of the endangered fish along the Yampa. 156 votes


245 total votes


Allen Hischke 11 months ago

They need to get out of the Yampa Valley forever.


Allen Hischke 11 months ago

The City Of Craig should not allow them to drop the lake level. This is one of the last opportunities of tourism here. I would also think that the local tourism office would be all over preventing this destruction.


Allen Hischke 11 months ago

If the fish killers want the Smallmouth and Pike out of Elkhead then they need to take the limits off that fish and begin a Largemouth stocking program. Largemouth will not live in the Yampa with its cold fast moving shallow water. That to me would be a reasonable way to deal with the situation. Much better than the radical, kill everything that the DOW, meaning, (Destroyers Of Wildlife) want to do.


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