Do you think gas prices in Craig will stay comparable to those in Hayden and Steamboat Springs?

Correct: Yes. It seems as though the local station owners have finally listened to the people of Moffat County and lowered their prices to match the prices our neighbors pay. 27 votes


Correct: No. It's nice that prices are equal to those in surrounding communities, but it's a happy accident. Prices will return to being more expensive than Hayden and Steamboat soon. 203 votes


Correct: Undecided. Only time will tell. 25 votes


255 total votes


oldman1 4 years, 1 month ago

I just dont understand why our gas and diesel prices are always so much higher than almost anywhere I've been. I travelled through Laramie last week, gas prices were $2.31 a gallon for regular unleaded. While here its $3.31 or more! Someone please tell me the justification for that! I joke with my wife that someday I'm going to put a cross bed fuel tank in my pickup and just drive around buying less expensive fuel and storing it at our house. But now I'm thinking more seriously about that!


xrsareus 4 years, 1 month ago

This is why I think there is a perception of price fixing in Craig. If you look at the price of gas in Steamboat and Hayden, not many of the stations are at the same price. In Hayden with two places I have seen 10cents differents. Steamboat the prices have been 20cents differents between stations. But in Craig........every station is the same price. If one goes up, they all go up, one goes down they all go down. It looks like every morning they all got togeather and said let's charge this much today. The people will pay it, what choice do they have. I must admit, it looks like the prices are a little different the last month or so. Not low enough though.


papa_don 4 years ago

You know its not going to help when a few people make comments about the price of our fuel in Craig and the complicity of the vendors to fix the pricing. We are a captive audience and only our elected officials can do anything about it! Think about this. Our pricing averages $3.49 per gal. In the rest of Colorado it averages $2.71 per gal.That is $.78 per gal difference. For a 10,000 gal truck that is $7800.00 more per load. Take out the freight costs and you have a clear profit of probably $6000 for each truckload! Do you think that money stays in Craig? Remember this when our elected officials come up for re-election!


cmawest 4 years ago

actually i believe the real problem lies right behind your steering wheel, you stop and fuel up and fill the tank to overflowing, then complain about the cost. if everyone would just stop playing into their hands and just buy what you need to meet your responsibilities, the folks in charge of screwing you blind would start to hurt in the old pocketbook and lower the prices to whatever it took to get you back to the pumps. try it guys, it works.


papa_don 4 years ago

cmawest, I wish your fix worked! However I live in Craig and work in Steamboat so I do not have the luxury of not purchasing fuel and I am sure there are many people in the same position. The people who live and work in Craig probably don't have the opportunity to fuel up anywhere else but in Craig and I would guess they only buy what they need! My only choice is to fuel up in Steamboat where prices are usually cheaper. But the bottom line is we are still being overcharged for fuel!


oldman1 4 years ago

I am one of those who will only buy the gas I need to get to a station that is less expensive. I'll buy 5 or 10 gallons to get me to the nearest station then fill er up. It drives my wife nuts but I save a little at the pump.


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