Do you agree with the Transportation Security Administration's decision to remove the body-scanning machine from Yampa Valley Regional Airport?

Yes, the machine was needed at a larger airport where it will get more use. 180 votes


No, the decision puts the airport at risk and increases security wait times. 128 votes


I don't know how I feel about the decision. 31 votes


339 total votes


Sam Relaford 4 years, 1 month ago

I believe there is enough traffic coming and going from the airport it warrants the scanner. Even though its no DIA , there are 4 or 5 flights a day into the airport during the ski season.


selket42 4 years, 1 month ago

I believe the smaller connecting airports should keep the scanners if it means a thorough screening. IF the same level of security can be reached by hiring a few more actual people to search each traveller then that's ok...but we all have heard the stories of the 'over zealous' TSA screeners. The smaller airports are an easy way to enter the secure areas of major airports, so I don't think easing security in them is a good idea...I know if I was a 'bad guy' I wouldn't try to go directly through security at a major airport. I would try going smaller first...then once you are in the system, you aren't screened again. I know YVRA isn't a big airport, but it is an access point to DIA and should be treated accordingly.


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