How do you feel about the greater sage grouse issue?

List the birds as endangered species 27 votes


Don't list them, but protect their habitat 64 votes


Who cares about sage grouse 43 votes


I don't know enough about the issue 12 votes


146 total votes


Allen Hischke 2 years, 9 months ago

It would seem to me if the US Fish and Wildlife Service wants to save the Sage Grouse, the first step should be to capture some, put them in a captive environment similar to the one they now live in and breed the birds in this protected area. With other species the people breeding the animals found ways to stimulate the breeding cycle so they breed more often, thus getting more animals. Also keep in mind this is the same US Fish And Wildlife Service that has been for 30 years trying to bring back the useless Squawfish. There are less of them now than when they started about 30 years ago and they have destroyed the sport fishing in this area, and in doing so have destroyed a lot of tourist trade in this county. Those are their only two accomplishments, destroying our fishing and our tourist trade. The people that think this government body does a good job need to keep those facts in mind before they give them free reign over this entire county on another fools parade, that will ultimately cost billions of dollars and likely accomplish nothing.


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