Do you worry that new gun laws passed in Colorado will adversely effect the state’s hunting industry?

Yes. The laws make it less friendly to hunt in Colorado. 273 votes


No. The laws won’t keep people from hunting. 85 votes


I’ll have to see how the new laws will be enforced before deciding. 14 votes


372 total votes


cmawest 4 years, 1 month ago

i have been watching all this since hickenlooper (is that a real name?) bum rushed this legislation through. first of all who is he to do this without the vote of the people ? thank God for a sheriff like tim who has the guts to tell this obama worshiping moron no ! how fortunate you are to live in moffat county, now get in there and back him up. these laws are just plain stupid, 30 round magazines ? o.k. so 2 15 rounders takes 2 seconds more time, what an idiot ! should we own assault weapons? do we need them ? absolutely not ! but in my garage sits a 2012 corvette that will run right at 200mph. do i need a car that will do 200 mph ? nope ! but damn, its fun to own. so's my AR-15. what part of the 2cd ammendment don't you democrats understand ?

kudos to my old friend tim jantz. wish moffat county would have used their heads and done away with term limits. how about police chief ?


Jason Phillips 4 years ago

What evidence would suggest this is even worthy of a poll question? Gun nuts are exactly that - nuts.


cag81625 4 years ago

Cma, what does any of that have to do with hunting? You already can't sport more than six rounds to hunt and no hunters I know have ever taken issue with that. If you want to give in to political hyperbole and scare money away from your community over an issue that takes nothing from sportsmen, have at it. Just be honest about your motives in that you'd rather see economic harm borne of sour grapes than something that causes any real harm to you. Personally, I think Colorado's liquor laws are stupid and antiquated, yet I'd never tell someone to stay away from the state because of them. And, before you wax philosophical about this lack of governance by referendum, it was your fellow man who made weed legal. In other words, be careful what you wish for.


cory5611 4 years ago

Buff fan I trust my guns before I trust my own police department and government to protect me I have to kids and a wife and trust me when someone true and hurts them I will make sure the dirtbag will not hurt them. And if you thank people that own guns are nuts move to a place that don't allow people to have them and then see just how long you live there or go with out being robed or just how bad the police are there in alot of them places the law are just as bad as criminals


cmawest 4 years ago


the reason hunters are boycotting moffat county are the stupid laws passed my hickenlooper (is that a real name) hunters are banning together to protest stupid politicians like king obama, and all their new laws that deny constitutional rights. just keep it up and before long you will be living in that socialist state you all think is so great. personally i hate to see moffat county suffer, but it is the fault of the clown you elected governor, and now he wants to be president too. not the fault of good law abiding gun owners. yes the question was hunting and the local economy. and never, ever accuse my fellow man of legalizing pot, my fellow man wouldn't smoke that crap is it was good for you, and no one i know voted for it anyway. so ramble on with your ten cent words, no one is listening to you.


Jason Phillips 4 years ago

You are proving my point, Cory. I have nothing against guns in general. I support the 2nd amendment. But the moment anyone talks about the slightest bit of gun control legislation people start freaking out.

There is no reason to believe the hunting industry will be adversely affected. It's just some alarmist gun nut propaganda.


colo4life 4 years ago

@buff_bronc_fan-Hunters have already stated that they will boycott Colorado as a matter of principal. If a business takes a stance on a political issue, people boycott. Colorado passes unconstitutional gun laws, people will boycott. Peacefull protest. There are gun nuts, but have you ever thought of gun nuts as patriotic. Why not defend the constitution and speak out against those who trample on it and think that they know better than we the people. I support our sherriff.

"When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."


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