Do you agree with Craig City Council's decision not to take public comment at an Aug. 28 meeting before unanimously approving Craig Fire/Rescue's site plan for a live fire training tower on Industrial Avenue?

Correct: Yes. Their job was to consider the merits of the site plan, not to hear comments on the merits of the project itself. 233 votes


Correct: No. As elected officials they have a duty to listen to the voters of Craig, especially when it comes to issues involving the use of taxpayer money. 241 votes


474 total votes


truthhurts 4 years, 7 months ago

It was a consent agenda item. Anyone who showed up to voice opinions only proved why elected officials make decisions. The general public is uninformed most the time. The editorial board even encouraged the public to attend a meeting where anyone familiar with government would have known they would get no voice. Just like it sounds it was consent ONLY.

Al Cashion - Should know this. Bryce Jacobsen - Should know this. I am not surprised Rick Barnes doesn't know this. Which explains why he or his wife have utterly failed in their attempts to gain office.


Taxpayer 4 years, 7 months ago

How convenient for the City Council to make it part of the consent agenda -- only in Craig would the council members work to find a way to keep from having to listen to the community. Was that a shout for recall in the wind?


boy101 4 years, 7 months ago

Elected Officials are elected to represent the taxpayers and make the best decisions for the interests of the taxpayers. With that being said, let them do their job. Any Elected Official that is more concerned with what the public opinion is on a issue than the real issue is at hand, we will have more of the mess that we currently have with the Washington Politicians that are more concerned about re-election that doing what's right in the long run for the taxpayers. The general public that does not attend public meetings and do not know the issues can't have an intelligent opinion. Vote facts, not emotions. When you do show up at the wrong venue, because you don't attend public meetings, and not allowed to speak, well you should have followed the correct process. Shame on the CDP for telling you to show up in error. Instead of admitting their mistake, the CDP just keeps criticizing the elected officials that are just doing their job and following their own ordinances..


bjacobson 4 years, 7 months ago

I want to make sure that facts are communicated. I know sometimes it is more exciting to ignore them, but I think it is important that we are all dealing with the same set of facts. The council doesn't necessarily follow their own ordinances regarding the determination of whether or not an item is on the consent agenda. That format is simply a more efficient manner in which the council (and many boards) choose to deal with less controversial items. Not an ordinance. The council also had the opportunity to remove the item from the consent agenda - they also had the opportunity to discuss items in the consent agenda.

Bryce Jacobson


boy101 4 years, 7 months ago

As usual Bryce, you and your people ignore the fact that the Council had no reason to pull the item from the consent agenda because the application met the City's own development codes. The council did not vote on taxpayer support of the project but whether or not the application met the city's ordinances. Again you and the CDP missed the point. But what's new?


Jason McMillan 4 years, 7 months ago

The City Council did their job. They approved a project that was in accordance with the city code. It is not the purview of the City to tell another division of government what they should and should not do. Would the city folks want the county to come in and tell them what businesses can be built in the city? Can the city council tell the state what to do in Fort Collins? NOPE! The biggest problem is the ill-informed public. Why are they ill-informed- well let just say the press has a lot to do with it.


truthhurts 4 years, 7 months ago

Thought this question closed? Guess the results weren't what they had hoped so they opened it back up.

Want to hear something even more laughable?

Our Moffat County Commissioners used this sham of a polling source to determine what should be done with the Latrell Barn. They requested a question be created outlining several options including one to spend at least $100,000 to repair the rarely used facility. The sad part is those cowardly politicians are paid to make those types of decisions yet they relied on these sham polls to make a decision for them.

So roughly 200 people who could be subscribers or readers from anywhere in the world, who could feasibly vote once per day are making a $100,000 dollar decisions for our esteemed commissioners. These questions should be for entertainment purposes only and anyone who would consider them factual should be embarrassed. I now find myself looking forward to January and the exit of two of our three so called commissioners. To bad we won't get a clean sweep but hopefully our two new commissioners can lend Mr. Mather's some backbone.

My hats off to the Fire Board and City Council for doing what they were elected to do. Make the tough decisions based off what they feel is best for the City and District.

Stand tall cause you have the backbone to do so!


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