Do you support the efforts of the Colorado residents who are seeking to secede the Centennial State from the union?

Correct: Yes, Obama will bring the downfall of America. Better to get out now. 242 votes


Correct: Yes, not because of Obama, though. 13 votes


Correct: No, I oppose Obama, but I think working to minimize his influence is the right answer. 115 votes


Correct: No, I support Obama. 125 votes


495 total votes


oldman1 4 years, 5 months ago

If you guys think the government will ever allow its states to secede you are trully insane ! The states are our governments cash cow. Our taxes and fees are what makes our government work. I'm not saying I like the way the election turned out, but jumping ship is not the answer. I just wonder how long the states would survive without the protection of our military or the support of our government supported programs,Social security, medicaid, state highway funding, etc... I keep having this image run through my mind of an old time southern hillbilly standing on a hill shouting,"The south will rise agin!" Really people! Think it all the way through before you start hollering about walking out on our government. The president is only 1 figure in our government. Congress and the senante are where the real power comes from. Write your congressman! Ask him or her to stand up for us! The president can't do anything without their blessing!


David Moore 4 years, 5 months ago

Unfortunately the poll does not allow you to simply say "no, I don't approve", or "yes, I want to secede", it's just more jabs at Obama (no, I did not vote for him, nor Romney). I don't approve secession at all, as oldman1 said, it's crazy. I am also not in approval of Hayden wanting to become part of Moffat County, just as crazy. Time to just pull up your twisted panties and get on with life, quit whining and try to make the best of it. You are going to change nothing with this sort of idiotic "I don't want to play anymore, I'm leaving" attitude, it's childish and it makes me embarrassed to be a native Coloradoan. Grow up!!!!.


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