Did you participate in any of the Black Friday sales that started late Thursday or early Friday?

Correct: Yes. It's the highlight of my holiday season. 53 votes


Correct: Yes. I didn't like it, but the savings were too much to ignore. 23 votes


Correct: No. I wanted to, but I ate too much turkey. 7 votes


Correct: No. I find the existence of these sales disgusting and I don't like how they infringe upon a holiday meant for giving thanks for what you already have. 185 votes


268 total votes


David Moore 4 years, 4 months ago

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil,..........HAVE NO FUN!!! I went for the first time ever to the Thursday night sales at Wal-Mart, took my 12 year old, we had a blast and came away with some great stuff at ridiculously low prices. Everyone was calm and polite, nothing like what you see in the news....fighting over towels. Can't understand why anyone would be disgusted by this new tradition.


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