What area would you most like to see Moffat County School District administrators address this summer in preparation for next school year?

Correct: Improved test scores 45 votes


Correct: Higher graduation rates 52 votes


Correct: Better pay/benefits for teachers 48 votes


Correct: Facilities 10 votes


Correct: Better sports/extracurricular performance 18 votes


Correct: Communication with parents, community 43 votes


216 total votes


onewhocares 4 years, 10 months ago

High graduation rates are great, but not at the expense of dumming down the whole district to make that happen, which is what is happening now.

The district as a whole from the early years on to high school needs to become much tougher and progressive, to keep up with the education in other parts of the state, thus eliminating all the kids that graduate high school here, go to college then drop out within the first year or two, because they are soooo far behind the other kids. Sadly, my daughter who graduated MCHS in 2008, went off to CSU with a number of students from here and only 3 graduated in 2012 from CSU Fort Collins, the rest dropping out. To me, that is terribly sad and should not be the case.

Despite the fact, that a lot of us don't particularly care for the attitude of Steamboat (including me), their school district curriculum is really great & I am not sure why we are not learning from them, when they are only a town away. I think the Moffat School Board Administration needs to put their pride & egos aside for the sake of the children, and go to their neighbors and see what they are doing that the students are coming out soooo far ahead of us. I do know this, my son who had a 4.0 here & never studied, went over to Steamboat for half a year, and instantly began having to study 2-3 hours a night, barely making A's and even getting a few hard earned B's because the expectations were so much higher there. They should be just as high here-period.

The reality is, it is the school district's responsibility to prepare the students for a successful higher education, not just to graduate a high number of students to make the reports look good. The harsh reality is, there are a number of kids who will drop out, but that is their and their parents choice, which should not effect the kids who really want to learn & be competitive outside Moffat County.


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