Do you support the idea of Black Friday sales starting earlier during the evening of Thanksgiving?

Correct: No. Thanksgiving is about being with family and giving thanks for what you already have. 216 votes


Correct: Yes. Whatever gets me to those great deals as fast as possible. 9 votes


Correct: What's Black Friday? 12 votes


237 total votes


David Moore 4 years, 4 months ago

How about just a simple yes or no? Are you capable of that? I am thankful for my healthy daughter, everyone I know and am close to, and, thankful for everything I have. I cooked for those on call and with nowhere else to go, I am thankful that we could get together and not be alone for the holiday. However, after the turkey is eaten, naps are taken and leftovers stowed away, what else is there? We gathered, we ate, we thanked.....It's over!! I don't really care one way or the other about Black....whenever it is, I never went before but I thought it would be a fun and mildly entertaining way to spend an otherwise boring evening, plus, I walked away with some great stuff and my credit card did not melt in the scanner. Don't like it or don't think it is right, stay home and watch Charlie Browns Thanksgiving with the family...nobody is forcing anyone to attend. Those that showed up were having a good time, some were being grabby yet polite(nothing like the YouTube brawls over bath towels), and I met and visited with people I have not seen in a long time, everyone was smiling. On top of that, there were HUNDREDS of people out for it, more than I have ever seen before in any of those places, never have I seen K-Mart parking lot full of cars....never. Pretty good evidence that with 4 hours left in the official holiday, Thanksgiving was pretty much over. This event was 10 days ago, we have another holiday to plan and look forward to, why must you continue to bring this up???


oldman1 4 years, 4 months ago

I'll tell you why we keep bringing this up. For years I had to work every holiday. Thank God thats not happening anymore. But the last straw for me was on Christmas about 4 years ago when I had told my kids and family that I would finally be able to spend time with them and watch them open their gifts. As soon as I sat down and passed out gifts my phone rang. I got called out! The looks in the eyes of my wife and children broke my heart. If it weren't for the fact I didn't have another job to fall back on I would have told them forget it. I'll never forget it. Well there was probably 200 poeople here in Craig that were told to put work before family or dont bother coming in ever again. That is plain wrong!! You know they could of had a volunteer sign up sheet or something for people who may have been home without their family or something. But my point is that its not about saving money,I'm all for that. Its about being forced to choose work or family!


David Moore 4 years, 4 months ago

I have worked an on call position for 22 years, including many holidays on call, I know all about being taken away from important events. I guess I didn't look at it from the angle you are talking about, but, those who were "forced" to work can always walk away and get a different job. Don't want to walk away? Then do what you are asked to do, it's that simple. I never said I supported it, I just said that with the festivities over, what else is there to do? Personally I just don't think Thanksgiving is viewed like it used to be, it's just a day off and a day to eat a lot of food, tradition is slowly dying out in this country. I remember when Craig rolled up the carpet and locked the town when a holiday rolled around. That was then, this is now....welcome to the 21st century.


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