If the presidential election was today, who would you vote for?

Correct: President Barack Obama 160 votes


Correct: Republican nominee Mitt Romney 278 votes


Correct: Neither 46 votes


Correct: A third-party candidate 28 votes


Correct: I don’t intend to vote in the election. 10 votes


522 total votes


bigrred1576 5 years ago

not sure that Romney is the best that the Pubs can put forward, but ANYONE(except another American hater) is better than what we have. please vote him OUT


justateacher 5 years ago

No matter who is voted in, half of the population is going to disagree...


kp81625 5 years ago

I agree with you Ranger. I have no intention of voting for Obama. I didn't vote for him last time either.


Brian Kotowski 5 years ago

I always wonder what people think they're accomplishing by voting for 3rd-party Presidential candidates. 3rd party candidacies have never even come close to winning the White house.


T066J 5 years ago

What just totally amazes me is the number of people who say they would actually vote for Osama Bin Obama. Houston - - - we have a problem!


Colette Erickson 5 years ago

Newspaper staff: proper grammar for the question would be "If the election were today....."


Jason Phillips 5 years ago

Discussing national politics in Craig is like reading college astrophysics to a 2 year old. It's a pointless exercise as they are incapable of understanding.


jasper123 5 years ago

I think Buff_bronc_fan is implying he or she has the mentality of a 2 year old and incapable of understanding


Marilynn Hill 5 years ago

@footballmom...so why was the economy heading into the dumps in 2008 with the housing and banking collapse long before the current POTUS was in office, hum! Clearly I remember McCain saying the economy was fundamentally sound on Black Monday, September 15, 2008 and then shortly after wanting to suspend his campaign to just magically fix the economy because he was so far removed from reality. The collapse was a result of bad leadership at many levels in government and EXTREMELY poor oversight in the financial sector.

So please share how this is the fault of the POTUS presently in office? I just love how people use the "change" statement and act indignant when it was pointed out how messed-up the economy was before the 2008 election. We are not bleeding jobs as we were a year or two ago, SLOWLY heading in a positive growth projection. It is naive to believe that any POTUS is responsible for policies and laws; it is the congress that makes those laws that they must pass in order to have the president sign the legislation into law. The only real power for the office only officially lays with war powers and the POTUS didn't even have those powers until Truman. Yes, many POTUS have made out-of-session appointments, so no POTUS has cornered the market on this ridiculous behavior. The finger pointing and labeling on any side is not going to fix the problem; true leadership comes from putting childish games aside and working the problem, not pulling everything apart issue by issue.



Jason Phillips 5 years ago

@footballmom - I am from Craig, mam... But luckily I was not swallowed up by the ignorant redneck group think that is so endemic to the community.

I'm not giving a ringing endorsement to Obama by any means. In fact, I'll probably vote (write-in) Ron Paul because I'm not a huge fan of either candidate. But look at the idiotic comments that preceded me. There are a million policy disagreements that are very real - but people would rather focus on his middle name and paint him as anti-American, pro-terrorist. Which just proves how little these people know about anything.


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