Do you think local officials are doing enough to preserve and grow Moffat County’s economic future?

Yes 49 votes


No 153 votes


Undecided 12 votes


214 total votes


wellwell 5 years, 6 months ago

Don't look to the "local officals" to lead, look to them as representatives. Citizens are to voice their opinions and issues to their representatives. Thoughtful citizens inform themselves and often have ideas for solutions making for stronger governace. The representaives work thru the goverment and local entities to provide solutions. Often this is, and should be, thru local nontaxing solutions with citizen help.

Tuesday may have been a lack of citizen interest since their was no business to be discussed. But according to this survey citizens are displeased. If you have issues bring them to the attention of the City Council or County Commission. Our goverment from the top down and bottom up is designed to be a representative government, but the citizenry must speak up. And yes, you can speak up, noone is more important than you."They" represent you!


CollinSmith 5 years, 6 months ago

I agree, but this view is too simplistic. A strong representative government has an educated, motivated citizenry as well as visionary leadership. The reason our representatives are chosen as leaders is because they have a vision for the community that the majority sees as a positive direction. Our representatives are not figureheads, at least they shouldn't behave as such. They are elected to lead us, which is why they are given the authority to decide our future. If anyone has any real, material power in this system, it's them.

Whenever I see or hear an elected official say they will only do what the public tells them to do, I have to ask myself why they even ran for office in the first place. Was it boredom? Were they cajoled into it by friends and family? Why would you want to take a leadership position only to shuffle papers around and do what other people tell you? To what are you aspiring? You're not even helping. You are only turning yourself into living red tape; a cog in the machine; a blockage against progress who knowingly or unknowingly serves the status quo.

Everything should be seen in degrees. It always serves a leader to listen to the people he serves, but it does good to no one to have a leader without initiative.


Jon Pfeifer 5 years, 6 months ago

Our local officials do not stand in the way of development. They also don't do much to encourage it. I think that is the kind of representative people in Craig prefer. They will grant permits/variances/leases etc... as needed. They are not going to initiate programs and apparently do not support tax breaks or other incentives to bring businesses here. It is an approach that values private sector initiatives without much interference one way or the other by government. I personally feel like we cannot compete with that type of approach. Many other communities will offer all kinds of incentives for new businesses. However, I think the elected representatives were fairly upfront about their attitudes in that regard and people elected them knowing that.


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