What is your opinion of the current state of the Moffat County High School athletics program?

The teams are struggling, but administrators, coaches and athletes are all doing the best they can. 21 votes


Administrators, coaches and athletes aren’t doing a good enough job. 36 votes


Coaches and athletes are doing the best they can considering restrictions from the program’s administration. 20 votes


The MCHS athletics program could improve with higher level coaching. 79 votes


MCHS administrators and coaches are doing the best they can given the level of talent of athletes. 14 votes


MCHS needs to move down a class with the Colorado High School Activities Association to be more competitive. 41 votes


I don’t pay much attention to MCHS athletics. 51 votes


262 total votes


jeff corriveau 5 years, 5 months ago

Now might be a good time to address the coaching situation with the MCHS football team. After another dismal season, it would be appropriate to talk about changing directions with this program. It seems that the coaching staff cannot produce wins in this program and cannot retain athletes past sophomore year. Many have wondered why our middle school is so successful and those successes can't be continued at the varsity level. We have all watched how the staff interacts with the athletes and, frankly, why more kids don't leave the program. I have personally seen coaches berate and belittle the athletes in practice and games and find it appalling. Coaches need to be stern but they also have to be supportive and directive in their behavior. In short, the MCHS football program has failed with the current staff and it should be replaced.


Cole White 5 years, 5 months ago

They just need to develop a real program. The article talked about tackling, and that starts with the youth programs. One in ten has a half way good idea of how to do it when they leave the youth league and maybe two out of ten know what they are doing when they leave the Middle School program. And the Middle School needs to be playing like they are trying to develop football players and not just go out there and roll over weaker programs. The high school might as well try to take a bunch of band kids and turn them into a football team, at least some of them have actually seen what the stands look like from the football field. Steamboat destroyed Craig this year because they didn't just run the same kid up the middle 55 times. They introduced them to things like the forward pass, field goals, and the option, while Craig was running the same kid or two left, right, and up the middle.

A new football coach who would come in and TAKE OVER the youth and middle school programs would see results very quickly. Make the middle school coaching staff part of the high school coaching staff. Make them run the same plays, be on the side lines and the locker rooms during home games, practice the same way, train the same way and then when they come into the high school they know the program and you don't spend another two years teaching it to them.

Also, have the high school coaches with the Doak Walker program for the first week of practice. Have them run a full contact "camp" (all kids in all pads and not broken into teams) for three hours a day for five days before they are turned over to the local citizens to coach them. Teach tackling, blocking, hitting, and carrying the ball. Go over the fundamental with them so they can all start on the same level and build good habits and techniques. Have you seen how Jonh Q Public teaches the youth how to hit, tackle and block? I'm amazed that they can do it effectively at all once they get to high school because I can only imagine it takes a couple years to start breaking these guys of bad habbits. Once camp is over then the "team" coaches (who have to be at the camp too!) get to strat training them on plays and strategies (ones give to them by the HS Coaches too!).


Tammy2 5 years, 5 months ago

When is hockey going to be a school sport? Everyone here is worried about football, even though it's not the only sport worth looking into.


calvinhobbs 5 years, 5 months ago

New coaches wow. There was an opening at the middle school for football. Only one applicant. High school girls basketball assistant, 2 applicants. High school boys basketball had just a couple also. How do you get a new staff, they sure do not coach for the money! BAck to the money, that is the important factor with the middle school and who they play. They did get Rifle added this year, the parents stepped up and paid for that game. They had Rawlins WY, Steamboat(2 times) Meeker, then the B teams had SoRoCo and Hayden. The schools in the Grand Valley do not need to play us, they have 15 middle school programs to play. Rifle played us because an ex student is a coach down there and he helped set it up.Now we are looking at another cut in education for the state of up to 90 million. The athletic programs are already self funded. What gets cut next? All programs go through cycles, Bill Yester had bad years and good years. The same for coach Hafey. MCHS, will still be the smallest school in its football classification next year. 600 enrollment playing schools with 1300 kids. As to hockey, if it is added, where is the girls sport for balance so that we do not violate title IX? Where does the money come from for coaches, equipment and supplies? Athletics are just as important to a school as the core classes, fine arts and the social. It builds character and keeps kids interested. It also helps keep them fit, and supplies some with a college education. I know it kept my son motivated with eligibility when he was at MCHS. Athletics are not for all, but if you look up there the kids that are out for athletics also have some of the highest GPA's. The girls basketball has been Academic State Champions the last four years i believe.


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