The school district predicts a $2 million dollar surplus from mineral leases along with $1.7 million in state cuts. The district proposes putting two-thirds of the surplus in reserve, and one-third into the general fund. What do you think of the proposal?

It's a responsible approach that eliminates deficit spending. 105 votes


The district should use the money to avoid budget cuts for the next year and hope mineral activity continues to grow. 36 votes


Reserves are a good idea, but two-thirds is too much. 47 votes


I propose a different allocation. (Comment below.) 9 votes


197 total votes


kathleenpost 5 years, 11 months ago

Save some to clean up the enviroment (water) and the cancer causing benzene.Reserve some for cancer treatment for those getting it from the waste that have no insurance.Good luck with planning on an industry that is on its way out(peak oil is now over like it or not)


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