The City of Craig and Moffat County Commission have reached a tentative agreement on a new Public Safety Center lease. Do you think $60,000 per year for two years is a fair price?

Yes 98 votes


No 79 votes


Undecided 12 votes


189 total votes


wellwell 5 years, 11 months ago

Did the "stall" help or harm the taxpayer? Of the negotating teams who came out ahead?


citizensforgrowth 5 years, 11 months ago

Fair price would be one third of operating costs. (divided between Sheriffs dept, city police and state patrol) This figure is a far cry from what the county originally wanted. Is the county caving in now to buy time to negotiate a better deal down the road and not risk losing the city as partner? Or were costs vastly overstated ? On first glance it looks like the city scored a major win on this . The next time I buy a house the city is going to negotiate the price for me. I need more information on this one.


truthhurts 5 years, 11 months ago

Leases are for suckers. In 10 years the will have dumped $600,000 to the county and have zero to show for it. I would hope they would buy their portion or just build their own facility.

I got a bridge they can lease too! Call 1-800-TRUTH4U


Jon Pfeifer 5 years, 11 months ago

The total operating cost of the building is $2.21 million. Of that, the jail eats about $1.73 million. (I believe the county, not the city, has the obligation to run the jail... so that should probably not be included in a division of costs). So that leaves about $480,000 for operation of the rest of the building. The city is now paying about 12.5% of that amount for its portion of the lease. In other words, it looks like the county is losing a lot of money to keep the city in the same building. Makes no difference to me... I live in the city.


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