Do you think The Memorial Hospital should proceed with contracting with hospitalists, or physicians who would oversee inpatient care instead of family doctors making rounds?

Yes 68 votes


No 146 votes


Undecided 6 votes


220 total votes


David Moore 5 years, 11 months ago

Problem with this poll is its wording, completely wrong. They, family doctors and other physicians, are NOT, I repeat, ARE NOT going to stop making rounds and will still be involved in their patients care 100%. Hospitalists will see patients, admit patients, oversee patients, discharge patients, etc.....all while consulting with that patients primary care physician who will be involved from the start. It is mainly about a call thing, A hospital such as ours cannot recruit a physician, say a pediatrician, to an area like this when they will have to be on call 24/7 because they are the only one, they just won't come. Having a hospitalist will be an added attraction to those seeking to practice in a rural atmosphere, particularity those in a practice in which they are the only doctor, like a pediatrician. Take the general surgeons for example, there are two of them and they split the call responsibilities, one off. This makes it much easier than never getting time off because of being the only physician of your specialty. It will benefit the Steamboat surgeons in the "oversee" department as they will not have to drive up every day to see patients, they will however round them when they are in town holding clinic, therefore being involved. It's about our community doctors having some form of a life instead of being chained to their job every second of the day. Don't you think they deserve that? Is this really that hard to understand?


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