How do you feel State Sen. Al White performed during his 10 years in the state legislature?

Correct: Excellent. White worked as hard as he could for his constituents. 69 votes


Correct: Good. White worked hard, but could have done more. 24 votes


Correct: Mediocre. White wasn't aggressive enough. 23 votes


Correct: Poorly. White didn't serve the area's interests. 49 votes


Correct: Undecided 10 votes


175 total votes


slipknot 6 years, 3 months ago

I sent several letters and emails and even called this guys office, over a period of 15 months, regarding a problem I was hoping he could help with. I got absolutely no response, none, nada, zilch. Not even a form letter or email from a staffer. Do I think T. Wright will do any better? If you're a rauncher (yeah I spelled it right) you bet he will. If you're a run of the mill hunter/citizen; no way, forget about it. We just as well send nobody for all the representation the normal citizen will get.


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