How do you feel about the recent increase oil and gas leasing efforts in the area and possible exploration of the Niobrara formation?

The leasing is great, and I’m all for drilling. 144 votes


The leasing is great, but drilling needs to happen in a slow, responsible manner. 67 votes


I’m hesitant about the speed of leasing efforts and unsure about drilling. 29 votes


I’m against leasing efforts and any drilling in the area. 25 votes


I’m undecided. 6 votes


271 total votes


Frank Estey 6 years, 2 months ago

The simple, unavoidable truth , and frank reality for the world’s populace given the economic and social value of mobility is that oil remains a uniquely special, affordable form of liquid energy and at this time in history, the only viable source of affordable energy. On this point, our government officials seem to be in the dark by shutting down the GOM and various other ill-advised attempts to go green, which simply drives up the cost of living. U.S.... Needs domestic oil Drilling. Or we are in Deep Doo-Doo…

The whole world will be in trouble unless we keep finding more oil. Cutting off a way to find it isn't smart policy.


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