Should companies be required to disclose chemicals used in mineral fracking?

Correct: Yes, the public deserves to know. 255 votes


Correct: No, the chemicals used should be allowed to fall under trade secrets. 40 votes


Correct: Undecided 3 votes


Correct: Doesn't matter 16 votes


314 total votes


Cole White 5 years, 3 months ago

Even Frito Lay has to let you know what they put in a bag of Doritos, why shouldn't mineral companies be required to put out what chemicals they are using that end up in 1) the air we breath 2) the water we drink and 3) the ground we walk on and grow our food out of? Those 39 people who said it should fall under a trade secret have to be the dumbest 39 people in Craig Colorado and the 16 who said it doesn't matter are probably right because the government is going to let them continue doing what they do no matter what because of our THIRST for oil and gas.

Water wells that have produced good, pure, drinkable water for generations are now becoming 'flamable' after fracking starts in their region. FACT - Fracking is not good for the environment. Any person with half a brain (present 39 voters excluded) should be able to understand the impact of pumping tons of chemicals underground to bust up or FRACTURE a layer of sedement can't be a good thing, especially when that layer of sedement is next to our water tables.


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