Do you think Moffat County has a childhood obesity problem?

Yes 178 votes


No 60 votes


Undecided 17 votes


255 total votes


jalana 5 years, 7 months ago

Don't blame the's the parents who stuff all kinds of junk food in their kids.If the lazy parents these days would get off their cell phones and computers and take their kids for a walk or play in the yard kids wouldn't have half the problems they do.


Rebelgirl 5 years, 7 months ago

It's not just the parents. The school system itself where children eat at least once a day during the school year that has a problem. I remember school lunches and they were never that healthy filled with over processed junk and "empty calories". The food including flavored milk and processed meat, bread, and canned veggies or sugar packed desserts. I have yet to hear about fresh food being served vs processed deficent food. Blame the government and advertisers for the obesity problem just as much. If you make the crap kids eat look more appealing and taste good vs. the items they really should eat then yes they will make the decision to eat the junk that is full of chemicals and preservatives. There is no intervention with the the use of man made junk in food. If there is a cheaper way out than using good quality ingredients than manufactures will use it. Bottom line for them its about the money. Most parents have no interest in their kids diets. They think it is someone elses responsibility for making sure their children get the proper nutrition. Or as mentioned they take the easy way out by going through a drive through or ordering delivery. Not to say that all the resturants offer meals that are unhealthy but to much of what is offered is unhealthy. You as the adult are responsible, not someone else for feeding your kids. You should be the one feeding your kid and telling them no to the junk that is not healthy. It is your responsibility for teaching your kids good food choices. So what if they throw a fit, you are the parent. I am tired of seeing parents give in to the screaming and crying because of the spoiled child they have raised throwing a fit just so they dont have to deal with the child. The choices you make for the food you give your child will affect the rest of their life. If the school doesn't offer what you would consider a quality meal then send your child with food to supplement it with, add a piece of fruit or some veggies. Restrict the amount of time your child sits on their hind end infront of a tv or computer. There are many things to do outside in Moffat County. There are parks within dare I say it...walking many areas of town. Go to the park with them. Even if it is for two or three hours on the weekend it is better than nothing. After school make it a rule of no more than one hour of tv, video games, or internet each night. Again as the parent are the adult and no one else is responible for your childs health.


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