Would you favor a proposed mill levy override to overcome Moffat County School District’s budget cuts?

Yes 149 votes


No 262 votes


Undecided 14 votes


425 total votes


truthhurts 5 years, 11 months ago

@ranger. Seriously educate yourself before you pollute this blog with ignorance.

Fire Department mill levy is based off of assessed property value. They have $287,566,508 in assessed property value in the fire district.Annually they receive $1,005,620 in revenue from the 3.497 mill that is currently in place. If as you suggested they returned half of that it would total $502,810. The school has proposed 2.3 million in cuts even with your magical money swap they are still short 1.8 million. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is not the solution. The override is the only feasible solution.

On a side note of the $287,566,508 of assessed fire district valuation a whopping $140,446,940 which equates to almost half the assessed fire district value comes from Tri-State. They contribute to the Fire Department $491,142.95 annually. That is nearly half of the Fire Districts revenues. As it has been stated before the fire department is responsible for responding to a long list of possible emergencies at Craig Station and it would be beyond fiscally irresponsible to give monies away that are specifically dedicated to protecting those employees and that property. If anything the Craig Fire should be renamed Craig Station Fire / Rescue and the proposed station two should be built closer to that property. With a training center dedicated solely to simulating the environment and hazards at Craig Station since they pick up half the bill.

Like I said educate yourself before you spout off because even on a Monday the truth hurts!


truthhurts 5 years, 11 months ago

Sorry my sarcasm was lost on you with the training center dedicated solely to Tri-State but you said they should pay for it and build it on there property.....hmmm. I would say that is exactly what they do when they pay close to $500,000 a year to the fire district.

Unfortunately there is no discussing a topic with someone who would say... "I care very little where the fire district gets its money. or how it is appropriated." That speaks volumes on your level of fiscal expertise. Still curious where the other 1.8 million to cover the budget cuts come from? Never mind I don't want to know where you would get the money. So post away with your fascinatingly bad ideas and I will stay extremely thankful you are not in charge of any of my tax dollars.

I am still hoping someone presents an idea better than that of Mr. Jones but I doubt it will happen.

blissful ignorance makes the truth not hurt.


native_craig_guy 5 years, 11 months ago

My hat is off to the fire department. They needed funding and they got it. They HAVE A SURPLUS, that means that THEY HAVE BEEN RESPONSIBLE and have been SAVING MONEY INSTEAD OF SPENDING MONEY. I fail to see the downside in all of this. I am glad to see that the fire department has been responsible with their mill levy income and have not wasted it, they could be begging for more because of poor money management. I think if the Fire Department has surplus funds and recognizes the future need for another fire station we should all take heed. Bill Johnston and his staff have proven that they are not into wasting money and if they have been stuffing their piggy bank for the last fie years to buy a new fire truck and fire station let them have it. Why not build a second one now while the economy is down rather than waiting twenty years and paying higher prices. Unlike the Moffat County Government that was blindisded by the foretold, scheduled, and planned loss of income from Colowyo the Fire Department served the citizens of Moffat County well. Give credit where credit is due. On another note, maybe the Fire Department could have rented the Craig Police Department if the City and County couldn't have reached a decision, after all they are the ONLY governmental agency in the area that could have afforded it.


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