Do you think the Colorado Public Utilities Commission will take into consideration the testimony it received Sept. 23 from Moffat County residents when it decides how to proceed with House Bill 10-1365, the Clear Air, Clean Jobs Act?

Yes, I think they will consider all sides to the issue. 12 votes


I would hope so, but I’m doubtful. 116 votes


No, the PUC has already made its decision. 125 votes


253 total votes


wellwell 6 years, 6 months ago

Using the definition of consideration as "listening and thinking about" - I do believe the PUC will do this. It should be remembered that many of our representatives believe this is want they must do. The problem is that we believe consideration means "listening to us and going the way that we as citizens want them."

Through our inactivity as citizens we have allowed our representatives make decisions on their own, Actually without our input they have no other choice. This then sets up the representative thought that they make the decisions and the ego grows. Then if someone does complain less attention is given.

We must call, emai, or tell them eye to eye our thoughts, desires, and ideas, We really should attend the public workshops, meetings, and functions to be seen, counted and HEARD.


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