Should Craig City Council rework the city’s lodging tax measure for the April municipal election after it was voted down in the general election?

Yes 65 votes


No 220 votes


285 total votes


unbelievable6060 6 years, 5 months ago

The city lodging tax is a really good idea for everyone involved. I believe part of the problem was the high percent of tax as well as many comments I have heard, people believe it was an underhanded way for Dave DeRose to finally get the rec center he has been wanting for several years. I think that needs to be taken off the table and from the lodging tax plan and move forward with the tourism aspect and what will drive visitors to Craig/Moffat County. We all know how ineffective MCTA is, why do we want the 1.9% tax to continue to go to that board when they are limited as to what they can spend it on, as well as the fact the board just doesn't work. I am afraid the tax will not pass in April as well because of the fact is it a TAX.


grumpy 6 years, 5 months ago

The MCTA board doesn't work and never will work because Tom, Cristine and Audry have loaded it for their own agenda. Not for the best interests of Moffat County.


JAHM 6 years, 5 months ago

The issue of rate keeps coming up in every discussion but I have yet to hear the council acknowledge that the tax will be applied without a clear goal on the spending of the tax! Sounds like another slush fund to spend the tax payers dime!!! Atleast when we have voted for taxes we knew exactly what we would be getting, do not hide it in the future improvements of Craig directed by a committee formed at a later date!!


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