Do you agree with Mayor Don Jones’ decision to limit public feedback on the deer removal options at the Nov. 9 Craig City Council meeting?

Yes 93 votes


No 244 votes


337 total votes


Rebelgirl 6 years, 5 months ago

It seems to me that the "Mayor" should be listening to the people instead of a select few loud mouths. Or maybe we should start considering why only these few people matter?? Are the the known names in Craig? Are they pushing a little incentive his way? I do believe the majority of people have spoken in Craig and they say LEAVE THE DEER ALONE!! I agree with most of the comments left in earlier posts that if you don't like the deer a. build a fence, b. don't plant a garden, c. the best suggestion yet...MOVE. You live in a rural community that is known for hunting and you were ignorant enough to think that we wouldn't have deer in town. Maybe you should do more research the next time you plan on moving. I have yet to figure out why people that run for office of any type do not listen to the majority as it was the majority that got you to the position you are at. You may also take notice that same majority can take the power that has gone to your head away.


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