Would you be in favor of paying increased book and extracurricular fees in lieu of cutting educational programs in Moffat County School District?

Yes 136 votes


No 53 votes


No, I think the district should try to avoid both. 49 votes


238 total votes


als362 7 years ago

I believe that it is only fair for those that wish to participate, to pay for that participation.
This should happen for all activities, even those that people claim pay for themselves. Then no one would get a free ride over someone else. If one student has to pay for a special activity and one does not, that is not fair in my mind.
Fees should be based on a percentage of the total cost of the activity, as some of these programs like football, basketball or swimming cost more than a math or chess club.


calvinhobbs 7 years ago

I agree that some sports cost more, but the ones that do support the others with the gate fee. Football and basketball collect the biggest revenues, but all athletics/programs benefit. So keep the payment equal across the board. Right now the fee is $55 per sport, next year it will be $110. Plus Room fees if an overnight game/meet. Some families with multiple kids in multiple sports/programs will really feel the hit. Book fees could go up, and allow lab fees in all science classes and shop classes. Now these are just allowed in classes not required. Allow sports to fund raise to pay for a coach, or other materials. Right now they can fund raise only for very specific things. Coaches, uniforms, sweats etc are not part off what is allowed to be purchase with funds raised, it must come from district money.


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