Do you believe Communities Overcoming Meth Abuse made a difference in limiting drug use in the area in its eight-year existence?

Yes 88 votes


No 114 votes


I'm not sure 25 votes


227 total votes


mfx7 6 years, 3 months ago

The drug war is a never ending battle. As long as there is a demand for drugs there will always be those willing to supply them.


hunter 6 years, 3 months ago

This is pretty much a pointless question. There is no way of knowing if it has made a real difference or not. On the flip side if it even made one person reconsider trying meth it was worth it. Having lived in Craig and several other areas of the state, there is way more education about the dangers of meth. I do not concive any situation where knowledge and being educated about something is a negative thing.

Meth is a nation wide issue, and in thisd situation communities, police, individuals can choose 2 paths. One of making a difference and one of sitting back and ignoring it. I commend Craig, the community and its leaders who have decided to something instead of ignoring it like manyt other towns in teh state who are afraid it may cause a "black eye".

I truly wish more communties would actively fight to improve the situation instead of taking an appraoch to save face.


kathleenpost 6 years, 3 months ago

Please get the people that bring in drugs from Mexico,it is kiiling Americas children.Stop the flow.Stop the illegals that come up to this valley please.It sure seems Craig is a nicer place and great community,,without the extreme effort,more of our children would be in a bad way.


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