Do you agree with the Craig City Council’s decision to explore building a new police department facility in light of stalled Moffat County Public Safety Center negotiations?

Yes, the county’s asking price is too high. 41 votes


No, the city should keep the police department in the safety center at the county’s asking price. 135 votes


Maybe, but more negotiations are needed before either side takes action. 56 votes


Undecided. 3 votes


235 total votes


cmawest 6 years, 3 months ago

you gotta be kidding ! they sold us into beleiving we needed a 10 million dollar safety center, so we said o.k. ten years later because they can't get along we gotta build another one to make the city happy because the rents too high ? city council, go ahead and build it, but take the money out of your own pockets, don't come to the voters with yet another building project we don't want or need. millions more of our tax dollars ? how much rent could you pay with that money ? how many out of work people could you help ? how much updating to the jail ? how many jobs ?

geeze !


user81625 6 years, 3 months ago

I would suggest 2 things I do agree that the City of Craig is over taxed as it is, so if the City does want to build a new building they need to come up with the funds themselves by cutting their own salaries, or luxuries. And if they do impose a new tax to help pay for it whether it is an increase on sales, or property taxes. That voters do not approve it unless the Bill states plainly that 100% of the work done on the new building be done by companies based in Craig and Moffat County, and those companies employ local residents for the work. To prevent another opportunity being taken away from local companies, In other words give back to your tax payers, and help keep the money here. Tax Dollars paid Locally generate Dollars Spent Locally. Everyone of us can think of construction projects where this community has sent Millions of tax dollars out of this area, let's not let it happen again.


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