Are you in favor of the city of Craig's potential lodging tax proposal?

Yes 71 votes


No 111 votes


Undecided 3 votes


185 total votes


craigcampnfamlee 7 years ago

I would love to hear the reasons why ppl are voting no and why they are voting yes.


iluvcraig 7 years ago

When I first heard the words NEW TAX my first impression was no,absolutely not! Then after attending the meeting that explained the concept ,I had a change of mind. I am thinking that a portion of the money raised will go towards bringing more people into town for events etc. ,and in turn those people will spend at our local businesses which raises sales tax revenue and business profits. I think if its done right there will be many beneficial uses for the extra revenue. I was relieved to hear that the funds would not just go into the general fund for the city to spend as it pleases but would be used for things such as town appearance, economic development, and bringing people here to see all the wonderful things our city and county have to offer. The best part is, that it's not coming out of our pockets! The people staying in our hotels will be paying for it.


als362 7 years ago

In my opinion this type of tax is a win win for Craig. The people that live here will reap the benefits of the tax, and people that do not live here will pay the tax.
This money, I think should be used for projects like a rec center. Then we will get it virtually for free. Steamboat does this very thing, that is how, I have been told, they pay for all thier recreation facilities.
Naturally there are not as many hotel/motel room nights sold in Craig as in Steamboat, but why not get the money that we can get?


dynamo7412 7 years ago

This tax is pretty common in just about every city you go to. The money goes to improvements in the community, and has no financial impact on the town whatsoever. It is added to a rooms rate just like tax at the register in a store... but again, effects only those passing through. We pay similar taxes when we travel to towns such as Grand Junction and are not even told. It is an invisible tax that travellers expect to pay. We should welcome this, not be affraid of it because it has the word tax on it.


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