Will The Memorial Hospital's new facility improve health care in Moffat County?

Yes 80 votes


No 115 votes


Undecided 24 votes


219 total votes


tam9sher1 7 years, 5 months ago

Upgrading the facilities will increase the opportunity for better healthcare. The real test is in the people who are providing healthcare. If Craig is able to recruit and retain top notch providers with the upgraded facilities healthcare will improve. We already have some top notch talent here. We've increased our chances of being able to retain them.


David Moore 7 years, 5 months ago

Thursday November 12th cannot come quick enough, I never want to set foot in that old place again although occasionally I might have to force myself for business purposes. I do feel some very slight sentiment having spent half of my life in and out of that place, but the time has come to move out of the ancient and into modern health care, which IMO will improve the overall health care in this region. The comparison is like trading in a 1950 Packard with AM radio, manual roll up windows and a wooden engine block (j/k;) for a brand new 2010 Ford F-150, complete with GPS location and voice guidance system, MP3 player with 10GB hard drive, and fully computerized console that allows you to check e-mail, sports scores, stock market happenings and help run your business utilizing a Windows based platform. It's built (two months ahead of schedule and on budget), it is getting stocked, and we are all orienting heavily to be ready for the first day, which is closing fast. After opening day on Thursday, come on up and take a look, it's not private, it belongs to all of us.


wickedstepmother 7 years, 5 months ago

As a person who appreciates good as well as kind health care, I am happy to see that the new facility will draw new top notch talent in health care providers. Updated equipment will surely improve the diagnostic capabilities which is an improvement in health care. If all the providers could just remeber the most important word we used today, health "care".


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