If the election were today, how would you vote on the Colorado governor's race?

Re-elect Bill Ritter 47 votes


A different democratic candidate 14 votes


A republican candidate 189 votes


A third party candidate 30 votes


280 total votes


mineralsman 7 years, 8 months ago

For a year or more, i have been hearing that "We MUST do everything we can to make sure Ritter is a one-term Governor". That was before all the real economics turndowns actually began. It is much worse now.

It seems we have a President AND a Governor who don't give one iota about people's lives and goals. They have a Green Agenda that we're going to take whether we like it or not!

I have heard it called "TRICKLE UP POVERTY" !! Wouldn't that make a good Bumper Sticker!

I read Polls that indicated between 80% and 90% of the American people were against the Bank and Auto Bailouts. How many does it take to make it a public mandate?

We keep hearing about the ECO- freaks like, Ritter & Obama. But they are willing to trade one ECO off for another, that one being ECOnomics.

Even fools like the Clinton's got elected while spouting the phrase "Its the ECOnomy, STUPID!" Well, Mr Ritter & Mr Obama, Its STILL the ECOnomy, STUPID !!!

Let's make sure Both are ONE TERMERS and boot them out of public office forever.


jennysr38 7 years, 8 months ago

Would definitley NOT re-elect Ritter. I believe that he is a huge contributing factor to the loss of jobs in our state. Especially here on the western slope regarding the oil and gas industry. Maybe before he puts his hippie tree hugging believes into motion, maybe he should think about how it will affect peoples jobs and lives. Thanks Ritter for the loss of many jobs, homes, lifestyles, and self worth. Oh and he is pretty much crazy to think that people in Colorado can afford to pay more for one more thing in the expensive state where the cost of living vs. typical wages is not even comparable. OK sorry I will get off my soap box now.


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