What will be accomplished by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Bill of 2009, otherwise known as President Barack Obama's stimulus package, if approved by Congress?

The economy will improve within a year. 28 votes


The economy will improve until federal funding runs out. 9 votes


The economy will improve for a short time, but there will be no lasting benefits. 19 votes


It will not accomplish anything, and our country will be deeper in debt. 192 votes


Other 8 votes


256 total votes


rhonda stehle 8 years, 2 months ago

I think that the government should get all the pork out of the stimulus package.


cantstandtexans 8 years, 2 months ago

Negativety sponsered by Fake News Fools and Fat Boy Drug Addict Rush Limbaugh. Just remember there citizens....it was Reaganomics that started this downward spiral into this greatest depression. With the incompetence of Dufus Bush and the Puppet Master Dick Cheney...I'm just wondering when Fat Boy Drug Addict Limbaugh will start blaming Obama for the economic collapse....OH...THAT'S RIGHT!! THAT FAT SLOB ALREADY IS BLAMING OBAMA!! And uh...you do know that Fat Boy Limbaugh.....THE DRUG ADDICT MIND YOU...has claimed to be King of the Republicans....says that this economic downturn (????!!!!!) isn't nearly as bad as the economic downturn of 1982!!!! IS THAT FAT SLOB SERIOUS??!! YOU BET HE IS!! And sadly...many of you will believe Limbaugh....AN ADMITTED DRUG ADDICT NO LESS!!! No matter...again...if the stimulus plan doesn't fully work....it will be because of Trickle Down Economics and the lastest plundering of U.S. dollars, being the Iraq war started for corporate gain and Cheney's lust for more money thru crude oil. Well....Cheney and his Beloved Pals that Cheney would never explain who "THEY" are. at that infamous "ENERGY" (??!!) meeting of Cheney's. So sweet of him...yeah?!! Cheney was soooo concerned for ALL OF OUR WELL BEING. I'll use the famous line from John Wayne..."THAT'LL BE THE DAY PILGRIM"!


tamsmom 8 years, 2 months ago

Are you really that angry of a person? or that arrogant and ignorant? I am just as worried about the economy as the next guy, but really, do you have to be so disgustingly rude about it? It was not one person, nor was it one group of people that caused this crisis - rather it was our country as a whole. What about the big wigs at the banks that accepted billions in relief and turned around and took millions in bonuses and spent millions in Super Bowl advertising? Think they have anything to do with it? Only if they were republicans right? And what about every Joe Blow out there that spent thousands of dollars on credit cards that they can't pay back? It sucks when you have to rely on a credit card to buy shoes for your kid or groceries to feed your family, or gas for your car so you can drive to a minimum wage job but that's just the way it is. We have to pay our rent or mortgage, insurance, health care, utilities and there is just no money left at the end of the day to buy food and essentials. The cost of living is going up way faster than our wages are going up and it doesn't look to get any better. There is no use placing the blame - we just all need to buckle down and do what we can. You have a screwy way of thinking, always placing the blame on someone and name calling. It doesn't accomplish anything except to make people mad.


gem 8 years, 2 months ago

i couldn't have said it better cantstandtexans thank God there are open minded people in this town. i have NEVER been to another place that is this close minded and racist. it makes me sick.


grannyrett 8 years, 2 months ago

It amazes me that anytime someone says something that a liberal doesn't agree with, they are automatically branded a racist. gem, if you are sick because of the people of Craig, it's time to move.


T30066J 8 years, 2 months ago

To understand why the Obama stimulus package won't work, go to TheHill.com and do a search for "Keynesian Fallacy". It is an article written by Dick Morris and published on the TheHill.com web site on February 3, 2009. Very interesting reading and a keen insight into what's going to happen shortly.


cantstandtexans 8 years, 2 months ago

....knew full well what was going on with this fraudulent activities of shady mortgage companies and even within the "BIG BOYS"!!

<p>Thehill.com. As if this publication is "THE LAW AND GOSPEL"!!! What would you have happen? Have the economy completely go to hell and we all become "NEW THIRD WORLD COUNTRY"? Do you understand what stimulus spending is and how it works? Evidently not! It was a absolute stupid idea with that 600 billion dollar give away here a few months ago. What was those billions spent on? CHINESE MADE ELECTRONICS?! GASOLINE?! CLOTHES MADE IN SHRI LANKA?! Do you understand there T30066J that for every dollar spent on stimulating the economy, that spending creates 10 dollars down stream?!! Or have you been dooped by Fake News Fools and Fat Boy as well??!!! What good is cutting taxes...WHICH THESE STUPID REPUBLICANS KEEP RANTING ON....if people don't have jobs to pay taxes on "OH HOLIER THAN THOU???!!!" You bet I hate taxes...more than you can ever imagain!! I've had issues with the FEDS for years because of things that a bunch of ruthless Republicans where trying to pull of years ago and my brother busted these SCUM BAGS!! But that's a story I cannot talk about much...since these SCUM BAGS tried to sink me because of my brother. IT DIDN'T WORK FOR THESE CRIMINALS....but they damned sure tried!! Taxes need to be paid Brilliant One...but without jobs....this country is toast!!!

Stimulus spending also...now listen reeeeeeeal close....pays for itself with tax revenues being paid by job creation. Then the barrowed money is then repaid and the cycle repeats if neccessary. Unfortunately t30066j...tamsmom...grannyret.....you must not know these facts. So I'll just consider this as ECONOMICS 101. Stimulus spending is just that!! We're not talking about "PORK"..which by the way...every single congressioanl member....INCLUDING OLD MAN McCAIN...are culprits regarding renegade spending. BOTH SIDES OF THE ISLE THERE OH HOLIER THAN THOU ONES!! And let's not forget that Biggest of Big economic boondoogle!! THE UNILATERAL WAR FOR OIL IN IRAQ!!! Billions...billions and billions of dollars. FOR WHAT??!!! National security??!! "That" was the lie of lies that pushed the economy even further to where we are at today!!

Bottom line here is this. Do not ever think that I'm some hardcore Liberal. THAT..is furthest from the facts. Do not ever think that I'm uninformed or unintelligent. Do not ever conjer up a notion that I gather my info and knowlede from "Talking Heads" and not delve into real meaningful investigated reports or articles of unbiased insight. As hard as I work..I take time...usually...everyday to get informed with the "REAL" facts on how things work and what's really behind the facts. Maybe none of you listen to Fake News Fools or Fat Boy Drug Addict Rush. If you do....STOP!!! WE NEED JOBS PEOPLE!! WE'RE IN A DEPRESSION!!! WAKE UP AND LET A STIMULLUS PROGRAM WORK!! AND STOP BUYING CHINESE JUNK!


cantstandtexans 8 years, 2 months ago

Why hell grannyrett...I'm not moving!! I just want to pester the hell out of the likesof you and the other closed minded people that have been dooped by Fake News Fools...you know....that fascists network owned by a guy that isn't even a real American...Rupert "ADOLF HITLER" MURDOCH. And of course...there's the really "MORAL" Taking Fools like Bill O'Reilly. YOu know who I'm talking about. The guy that is a pervert and paid millions to hush up a co-worker that O'Reilly talked dirty to over the phone?...HMMMMMMMMMMM????????!!!!!!!!!

And to you tamsmom...I assure you that I'd place my intellect well above yours. If you're so convinced that anything progressive isn't a good thing for all...then you're a self centered gullible...yes gullible since you obviously buy into Fake News Fools and Fat Boy Drug Addict Ruuuuuushhh (And yes...he's a drug addict!!...You like listening to a drug addict there tamsmom??!!)....continuing now. Progressive ways are a good thing for every single one of us. But you need to stop and consider this. Without other states....such as California or New York or Oregan, etc...you know...those damned LIBERAL STATES....would you be prepared to exsist as the early settlers of Colorado? If you feel that the luxuries we enjoy wouldn't be missed and that LIBERALS are the root of all evil...ACCORDING TO DRUG BOY LIMBAUGH....then start a succession movement!!

I'm not angury at people...except those that support the idiocy of George"ALFRED E. NEWMAN" Bush and his puppet master Dick Cheney!! These criminals need a noose around thier necks!!! You bet I despise those two Lumpheads that pushed the economy over the edge. That and anyone's belief one of the worst presidents in the history of the United States...Bonzo Ronald Reagan!!

And to you T30066J..Obama isn't responsible for this economic collapse.....again...Reaganomics and the Dumby that just got out of the Oval Office are the two main reasons for this depression...and it's a depression!! Don't be fooled by Fat Boy!! 5 years ago...there was a branch of the FBI that looked after domestic issues and possible fraudulent/criminal influence. They looked at the issue of these ARM loans and noticed a grave pattern of people recieving loans with no ability to get home loans. After gathering a decent amount of evidence...the overseer of this branch took this info to the higher ups. With a request for more resources DENIED!! And this person was told to LEAVE IT ALONE!! DON'T TOUCH IT!! This branch of the FBI's rsources were actually cut to a point that this branch was no longer able to function. THIS IS A RUE FACT THERE BUB/BUBBETT!!!! That current administration knew damned well..........


extremelytired 8 years, 2 months ago

If your so open minded, why can't you take an opposing opinion, process it and decide if you agree or not without the profanity and ridiculous name calling. Since when was the average person able to get out of financial trouble by spending up their credit cards to amounts that boggle the mind and numbers that really don't exist. Printing money, spending money that doesn't exist and creating "shovel ready" projects WILL NOT improve the economy. Think about this: There are 300 million people (not workers, just people) in the US. (Nancy Pelosi thinks were going to loose 500 million jobs a month. That makes about 1 1/2 jobs per month for every man, woman and child in the US. Huh?) If we spend 2-3 TRILLION dollars in "stimulus", how much money will every man, woman and child have to pay the government to make that work? $3.34 MILLION dollars a piece. The government does not make money, they take it from you. Can you afford to pay that much in taxes over the next 10 years, 100 years, 1000 years? I don't think so. Remind me again, how much is this going to stimulate the economy. If you have an open mind, use it!


cantstandtexans 8 years, 2 months ago

You can rag on me allllll you want to EXTREMELYTIRED!!! Like I take offense from anyone??!! Hardly. And after reading your comment....you have no clue what the hell you're talking about. So why argue with ignorance.


You must be a die hard Reeeeeepublican eXTREMELYtIRED!!! Again...I will not argue with someone that doesn't have a damned clue what they are talking about!!! And you don't know squat!!!

Simply amazing I've gotta say. Simply amazing. I can hear Fat Boy Drug Addict Rush Limbaugh's blubber mouthed comments all in this eTREMELYtIRED's remarks. You did know Fat Boy is a confirmed drug addict.....WELL???!!!! I want readers to understand this one fact. The federal deficit was standing at around 1.5 triilion when Bonzo Reagan took office. The day "Reagan and Naz" (I rejoiced the day Reagan kicked the bucket,,,Oh happy day!!!) the deficit stood at 4.5 trillion. Clinton worked on balancing the budget and did indeed get it balanced. The day Clinton left office...the deficit had stablized and was retracting downward. But then came "Poster Child Retard Dufus Bush"....and KAAAAAAAABOOOOMMMMM!!!! Where was that deficit standing at "OH BRILLIANT ONE eXTREMELYtIRED??!!! 11+ TRILLION...OH BABY!! And what party had the absolute say so for the first 6 years of Dufus Bush??!! REEEEEEPUBLICANS!!!

So...go back to school and learn a few facts that are facts and then you get back to me...O.K. with you there eXTREMELYtIRED??!!!


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