Trapper Mine officials said it's possible the Moffat County operation could close within five to 14 years. Should Moffat County officials spend money on pursuing other economic development opportunities that could offset that job loss and tax revenue?

Yes 59 votes


No 14 votes


Yes, it's important government begins planning now to secure the county's economic future. 108 votes


No, government should not interfere in the free market. 58 votes


239 total votes


wickedstepmother 8 years, 2 months ago

I see the closure of Trapper mine causing a good number of jobs to be lost and this is not the time to just let something like that happen. This county has few enough job opportunities available and planning now would possibly keep many of the people from having to relocate, or worse, loose their homes from no available work when the mine closes. Unemployment rates are reaching all time highs and sadly enough if Trapper mine closes those people would not be able find work locally. If there is some kinds of businesses that could be attracted to come here, get them now. If the county waits till everyone is out of work, then it would be too late.


greeneyedgurl 8 years, 2 months ago

Oh they'll all be fine. I know many, many people that applied for work there over the past 20 years but didn't get hired- not because of who they were but because of their name. And I know one's that did get hired because so and so is his brother or dad or uncle. I'm sure they'll all shove their way into some other company with their names....ahead of all the joe shmoe's. I know that does not reference every employee out there...but it does many. The poor, poor Trapper employee's are not the only one's losing their jobs....there are many other people in this area that have, will or can lose theirs as well. I know this is off topic from the whole tax revenue issue but if you're going to bring up job loss...then i'll bring up this.


John Kinkaid 8 years, 2 months ago

It has been my observation, over several decades, that local economic development efforts have largely been a waste of time, effort and money. I cannot think of one company that has been lured to Craig through economic development efforts. Why expect a different result?

On a different note: What would it take to get Empire Mine reopened? What if Moffat County got an oil refinery? Oh, I forgot. Govenor Ritter.


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