Should the Moffat County Commission agree to cut the personnel budget of the Craig branch of the District Attorney's Office to help Routt County balance its budget?

Yes, regional counties should work together to solve their problems. 46 votes


No, cutting personnel is not in the best interest of Moffat County. 155 votes


Undecided 10 votes


211 total votes


jeff corriveau 8 years ago

We need to have good law enforcement and DA's so this is not the place to cut. If the Moffat County Commissioners wanted to cut some money, just take a look at the Planning Department. Anyone out there realize that the budget for that department has gone up 236% in three years? And the planner, for whatever it is that the planner does, makes $58 K per year, plus benefits; that's as much as the Commissioners. If Gray and Mathers were as "conservative" as they would like us to believe, by simply showing up for the Tea Party, they would never have allowed this to happen. Wonder if the "good old boy" network is at work on behalf of Mr. Hoberg???? More to come later!!!!


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