If you could attend only one of two public events this week - Sen. Michael Bennet's town hall meeting Tuesday at Craig City Hall, or Wednesday's Tax Day Tea Party protest at the Moffat County Courthouse - which would it be?

Senator Bennet's town hall meeting 48 votes


Tea Party Protest 231 votes


I wouldn't attend either 94 votes


373 total votes


grannyrett 8 years ago

taxslave--Janet Napolitano is not the sister of the Judge. Just a few minutes checking the FACTS show that she has a brother and sister--Dr. Leonard Michael Napolitano Jr. and Nancy Angela Haunstein. You're so good throwing info out there, that I thought you might want the correct info.


taxslave 8 years ago

One is on Tuesday and one is on Wednesday. Attending both is another option.


Ray Cartwright 8 years ago

How about neither one as I have to be at work so I can pay my taxes and support big brother



Dentedfender can you see what this country is turning into? you need to get involved somehow someway before we have no freedoms or a job to go too good or not.


taxslave 8 years ago

I apologize to all the patriots out there for the lousy job this newspaper did covering the event. What do they do? They spend the latter part of the article interviewing someone who isn't even involved and doesn't know what it's all about.

This paper, just like those around the country, have made light of this situation. To add insult to injury they run an article the same day telling all of us our taxes are going up 20% and there is nothing we can do about it.....knowing we are in a serious recession. It was almost giddy.

Shame on you dp.....you really don't represent the people. It is clear from your little poll you took where the people stand and yet you ignore. Add it up yourself.


taxslave 8 years ago


This is HLS, Home Land Security, response this morning to calling all of you a terrorist. btw....this Napolitano woman is the sister of the judge on Fox and freedom watch, you know, Judge Napolitano. They really think they're clever don't they.

All the network news is a scam...including Beck. Turn those tvs off and start reading. Your brains are melting in front of those boob tubes....and the Borg likes it that way.


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