What issue would you support raising taxes for?

Education 21 votes


Transportation 6 votes


Health care 18 votes


All of the above 22 votes


I would not support any tax increase 66 votes


I would not support any tax increase at this time because of the uncertain state of the national economy 92 votes


225 total votes


jjcarver 8 years, 6 months ago

I feel that the people that propose or pass tax increases should stop and take a look at the History of this great nation. If you go back just 100 years you would find that there was no national debt, very few if any taxes. What has happened? The politicians of this country have gone out of control and feel the only way to get money is Tax the people of this nation. Every time there is some project proposes that needs money the answer is to tax thepeople to raise the money. Look back at Colonial Boston, what happened to the English boat load of tea that was sent this nation? This sparked an action by the colonials because of a tax on the tea. The people of this nation are already being taxed to death. As it now stands the average working individual has to work almost 5 months just to pay their taxes. Where is this going to stop? When are the people of this great nation going to stand up and say enough is enough? If we look at the situation of the world markets today we are in a financial crisis. The dollar today only buys about what 10 cents bought back 50 years ago. While I was growing up in Caig the kids could go to the saturday movie with a quarter and pay the admission price (15 cents) and have a dime to spend on candy, popcorn or soda. What does this cost today? I had a chance to buy a home in Craig for $12,000 back in 1969. That same house today is price around the $200,000 figure. This is but only two examples. So I ask you, why do we need more taxes?


citizensforgrowth 8 years, 6 months ago

I hope the rec center crowd pays very close attention to the final results of this poll.


grannyrett 8 years, 6 months ago

citizen-They haven't paid any attention in the past. Do ya think this poll is going to change their minds?


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