Candidates for Moffat County Commission and 14th Judicial District Attorney debated issues Thursday in a public forum at Centennial Mall. If the election were today, which candidates would you vote for?

Both Republicans - incumbent commissioner Tom Gray and assistant district attorney Elizabeth Oldham 85 votes


Both democrats - commission challenger Lois Wymore and assistant Moffat County attorney Tammy Stewart 37 votes


Gray and Stewart 22 votes


Wymore and Oldham 13 votes


I am not satisfied with any of candidates, and will not vote for any of them 24 votes


181 total votes


Craig_gal 8 years, 5 months ago

is there such a thing as secret ballots anymore?


jjcarver 8 years, 5 months ago

Craig_gal I have to agree with you. It appears that all the secret Ballots have gone by the wayside. It is polls like this one that the authors of the polls quite often use to sway voters. I say stop the polls and let the people decide on election day. That is if you feel that you can give the people credit for knowing enough about the issues and candidates to make the right decision. It seems no one wants to give the people any credit for having the knowledge to make up their own mind. Apparently not, that is why they think they need polls.


huh 8 years, 5 months ago

i'm kind of confused with you 2. the poll doesn't ask for people's names and people can choose to vote or not. i think it's a pretty remote chance that the daily press is trying to "sway voters". if you want to talk about prejudice in the media, at least look at the articles and not a meaningless poll on the website.

besides, who is going to look at this and think, oh, 67 votes for tom gray and elizabeth oldham. i better vote for them. it seems to me, the poll does nothing but give people a chance to say (for themselves) who they want to vote for. it even gives them a chance to vote or not vote.

are you people just looking for anything at all to be afriad of, or am i missing something?


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