What do you believe is the best course of action in handling personal investments during this current unstable economic climate?

Do nothing/ride it out 86 votes


Sell investments and stockpile cash 10 votes


Close all investments and re-invest when conditions improve 8 votes


Invest in raw assets such as gold and silver 12 votes


116 total votes


hunter 8 years, 5 months ago

Come on where is the buy everything you can afford option? Ride it out is a great option, but if you really want to increase your networth buy while things are cheap. Gold and silver are pointless commodities and the only thing driving those markets are the late night infomercials and speculation.

History repeats itself and history shows thathe market recovers and recovers pretty fast. If you have money in it now wait it out. If you have extra money see an advisor and invest it now.

Let this market issue be a lesson to everyone. As you near retirement take money out of the market and start putting it away in to garunteed returns. Shift the money around as to protect it. Do not make the mistake my parents made and leave it sit.


taxslave 8 years, 5 months ago

Gold is not a commodity, it's a currency. It's the only precious thing recognized worldwide that can not be reproduced.

If you're going to ride-it-out make sure YOU are in control of the stocks. There is money to be made in a market like this if you know what stocks to buy and hold on to them. This day trading is dangerous because of the swings.

Do your homework, buy those stocks and have a paper "Stock Certificate" delivered to your house. Frame it and put it on the wall. It moves your money out of the market and into company ownership.


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