How much growth would you like to see in Craig and Moffat County?

I want it to stay the same as it is now. 36 votes


Just enough to bring a few more jobs, stores and restaurants, but stay under 15,000 people. 97 votes


I don't want it to remain a small town. I want to see Craig and Moffat County double in size, or more. 92 votes


225 total votes


rhammel 8 years, 4 months ago

There was a study done by a firm, BBC, in conjunction with the endangered fish program in 1998? The study projected tha Craig would grow to 26,000 people by the year 2045. Moreover, Steamboat would grow to more than 65,000. Whether these predictions come true is speculation. Somebody has let the secret out that we are living in paradise!


jjcarver 8 years, 4 months ago

This poll is something that almost everyone has an opinion on. I remember growing up in Craig when the population was just around 3000. It was a nice place to live and it seemed that everyone knew everyone. The one thing that most teenagers worried about is that if they did something erong their parents knew about it before they got home. But the benefit of growing up in such a small town was most of the friends you had have been life long friends. Also if someone had an accident or was sick everyone knew it and everyone helped out. Their are many other things that are nice about growing up in such a small town. But today with the population getting to be so much more it only stands to reason that the town will grow with the population. Is this for the good or bad for the town? That will depend on whom you are talking to. But we have to accept this as part of this age we are living in. With growth their are many problems that are associated with larger populations. There is more crime in larger populated areas. Everyone does not seem to be as friendly as they were when the town was much smaller. But on the other hand with the larger populations more businesses have sprouted up in town and their are many more places to shop today. All I can say is we must keep up with the times and everyone must work harder to keep the town a great place to grow up in.


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