What is your view of the drug problem in Craig?

It has improved through the years, but it is still an issue. 17 votes


It's about the same for Craig as any city its size. 59 votes


Drug use is a major issue, and is worse in Craig than other areas. 164 votes


The so-called drug problem is more of a myth. 10 votes


The real drug problem is that they're not legal. 39 votes


289 total votes


jmemcse 9 years ago

Having lived in the Detroit area before moving to Craig 5 years ago, well, I copied from a post I did in the past and just pasted it below:

  • I always laugh when I hear people say Craig has a drug problem. Those people don't know what a drug problem is. I do. I've lived inbetween two crack houses in the inner city back east. You have absolutley no idea what it's like to have to live in your basement due to the bullets flying around out in front of your house on a nightly basis. Or having to spray the passed out drug addicts with a hose in the morning to get them out from under the bushes underneath the windows in the front of your house. Or having to see hookers all over everywhere at all hours of the day and night.

I could go on and on. I could tell you stories most of you wouldn't even believe.

Thats why I moved here to raise my kids.

I doesn't get any better than Craig America. -

Sooo...... I just don't see a drug problem in Craig that compares to what I've seen in the past.


sailorjerry 9 years ago

There is a problem in Craig, and it is not just Drugs...Some people find small towns like Craig a place to start out. One of the biggest problems in Craig is the lack of entertainment...To many places have come and gone. The city of Craig should target the elementary schools. Those kids are the future of our world. What is there to do in Craig? I am talking any age group?I do understand that money could be an issue, but this is very important...Stop talking about how much of a problem Craig has and fix it...We need more than just a arcade with pool tables. A Recreation center comes to mind...Do not wait until the new college is built in the year two-thousand???...The kids in Craig need a place where they can go, and hang out with a positive crowd. I am talking about all ages...Some place that age does not limit your time or entrance. The addition of the Frisbee Gold Course was a step forward in my eyes. I know that not everyone is into Frisbee Golf, but it is fairly cheap, gets kids outside, and is a fun sport. Oh yeah while I am at it...a music store would be a nice installment also...That one store would help in a big way...there are allot of kids in Craig who would love to go to a music shop instead of K-Mart or Wal-Mart to get a CD, or even a musical instrument...I digress..Changes like these will not come to Craig unless something more than the future of our kids is involved.


hunter 9 years ago


Really there are tons of kids in teh community that find plenty to do. The real issue is lack of parental supervision etc. If it was an entertainment issue large cities with lots of entertainment would never have drug issues.

I would love to see a rec center, but it will have no effect at all on the rate of drug use. The same kids will be left unsupervised and misguided regardless if we had the best facilities ever. To really change the drug culture here you have to start with the family and provide the family with tools and resources.

A huge issue I see here is the general acceptance that parents and community members have towards the use of drugs. There are parents that regularly allow the kids to have parties at the house. They support the idea of they are going to do it might as well be with me. This is totally the wrong message and wrong approach. The community in general supports alchol abuse and use. heck almost every non-profit fundraiser has a bar, where the even the highest members of the community drink. Sometimes alot. How can we as a community be against drug abuse and have this happen?

If you really wanted to do something about the drug use then get a DA who pushes for jail time and forced rehab programs. Get a youth detention and rehab center for our offenders. A place where we are not competing against 4 other coutnies for beds. Last year I know of a repeat offending minor who was using meth. Our kids need this, without this sort of program they will eventually end up in Wyoming facing 15 years to life cause they were not propperly dealt with earlier. We set our kids up for failure in our system here. They geta slap on the wrist, then another, pretty soon they screw up so bad they get hammered.


Taylor 9 years ago

I would have to agree with Hunter. I tire of hearing "there is nothing for the kids to do". There is plenty for kids to do in big cities and the drug/alcohol abuse is much worse than here. Most kids are going to experiment with something...it is how they are dealt with when caught that makes the impact and sends the message.


grannyrett 9 years ago

Native-I'm with ya on that. My parents did not expect the city and county to provide entertainment for us kids. That was part of the responsibility they took on when they became parents. I felt the same way. I don't remember whining that I was bored when I was a kid. I don't remember my kids whining about it either. Part of being a parent is spending time and doing things with our kids. I took my kids camping, fishing (yuk), hiking, and all sorts of fun stuff. Kids will be kids, and I did things I still don't want my parents to know I did. I'm sure my kids did too. We, as parents, don't really spend a lot of time with our children. If you work 8-10 hours a day and your children are in school, it doesn't leave a lot of time to be a parent. It also makes the time you spend being a parent so very important. One of the most important questions a parent can ask themselves is:"If something were to happen to me today, what memories will I leave my children? Will they be good ones, or will they think that I was to busy and wrapped up in my own little world to care about being a parent?" My most precious memories are of doing things with my parents, not of going to a rec center. I hope my kids can say the same thing.


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